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Rumor Mill: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s villain leaked?

Ever since the mid post-credit sequence in the Avengers fans have been assuming that Thanos would appear as the villain in Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Well, it looks like Damion Potier may have to wait a little bit longer to reprise his very memorable bit part.

According to the latest rumors the marvel villian that the Guardians will be facing of against is…..


Ronan the Accuser.


Ronan is an interesting choice. For those who don’t know, Ronan is a general Marvel villain. He’s contested the plans of the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans and a few other of the central teams. He’s one of the Kree and pops up fairly regularly in Marvel’s cosmic books.


He’s also no an out and out villain. Ronan switches sides often.

James Gunn recently cast actor Lee Pace to play an unspecified villain. Could pace be playing Ronan? He seems a bit small to play the Accuser but, hey, it’s the movies they can do anything nowadays.

I’ll be slightly sad not to see Thanos on screen as the main antagonist but this may be a very shrewd move for Marvel. It preserves Thanos as the big bad and enables Marvel to really flesh out the world they’re putting him into without having the villain problems that Avengers had.

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