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Sam Raimi Could Direct ‘The Outpost’

Sam Raimi, the director of movies such as Evil Dead, Spider-man, Oz: Great and Powerful, and The Quick and The Dead, is currently circling an Afghan War picture.

The Outpost is an adaptation of the novel by the same name written by Jack Tapper. The film is currently being written by Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson, who were responsible for the screenplay for the film The Fighter.

Currently, Raimi is producing the film with long time partner Robert Tapert. He recently said, “The Outpost is an epic story of bravery, courage, and sacrifice of our men in uniform, and is absolutely a picture meant for the big screen. I’m honored to be a part of it.” And that’s the only official comment hat he’s made. However industry speculation is that he’s going to direct the film, in addition to producing it.

The official synopsis is: ” The focus of The Outpost is the defense of a remote U.S. camp in Eastern Afghanistan by 53 American soldiers as it was overrun by up to 400 Taliban fighters. The intense and deadly day-long clash resulted in multiple citations including Medals of Honor to two recipients, the first time America’s highest military award has been given to two living soldiers for the same battle since”

A war film would be an interesting direction for Raimi to go in. I’d prefer him to return to horror again and finally make Army of Darkness 2 or Evil Dead 4, or whatever they’re gonna call it. But that being said, I’d be interested to see how Raimi’s style works in a war setting.

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