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Sean Hannity-Ryan Adams Twitter Beef Moves to Prime Time

Note to musicians who want to call out talk show hosts on Twitter: be prepared to have your name dragged onto prime time television.

A Twitter beef between singer-songwriter Ryan Adams and outspoken conservative talk show host Sean Hannity went prime-time when Hannity took the artist to task last night on his Fox News show Hannity.

Admittedly, the alt-country star threw the first punch. On August 5, a general tweet berating the lack of role models for today’s young people, and mentioning Clinton, A-Rod and Lance Armstrong by name, appeared on Sean Hannity’s Twitter feed. Apparently incensed, Adams replied to Hannity on Twitter: “Your entire soul is controlled by fear and by hate. Evolve, little chicken man. See reality.” (That tweet has since been removed.)

Hannity claims to have extended two invitations to Adams to appear on his show and explain his words, to which Adams again replied via Twitter: “Thanks @seanhannity for inviting me on your show. If I wanted to be yelled at I would go see a Youth of Today reunion show.” Further invites were met with, “I don’t negotiate with terrorists.” To which Hannity retorted, “Whose the little chicken man now? A terrorist? Typical liberal all name calling no substance.” (Both Twitter accounts have apparently deleted this part of the convo.)

But Hannity wasn’t done. Last night, he went on the air with a segment devoted to Ryan Adams’ “liberal Twitter tirade,” digging with barbs such as “you probably don’t know him, he’s not that popular” and accusing Adams of “hiding behind his little rock-star makeup like the little gutless coward that he is.” At a rather pointless roundtable discussion with Miss Oklahoma Anna-Marie Costello and Fox contributor Tamara Holder, the latter defended Adams’ right to speak his mind via Twitter: “This is not about liberals,” she said. “I think you’re just insulted because you don’t have a rockstar on your program.”

Adams has not responded as of yet. An email reply to Hannity from Adams’ agent said, “Ryan’s statement is his tweet and vice versa.”

What do you think? Check out the exchange below for yourself.

(Photo: 6tee-zeven/Flickr/Wikimedia)

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