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Sequelized: A Nightmare On Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street might be my favorite film franchise ever. I know that they got pretty shitty at the end but Freddy Vs Jason was great. Why is Nightmare a dead franchise? Why did New Line Cinema sell the rights to Platinum Dunes? Why isn’t there another Nightmare sequel that could be be both a new jumping on point for newbie fans and a continuation for older fans?

I don’t have any of those answers but what I do have is an idea for a new Freddie movie.

The last real Nightmare on Elm Street film is Nightmare 5: The Dream child. It’s a darker, slightly more serious film about Freddy’s origins and a child that Freddy is obsessed with taking as his own. It’s a direct sequel to Nightmare 3 and 4 dealing with a few of the characters from previous films and showing the fallout of 4, where Freddy is attaching a child in utero.

Nightmare 5 is ok. It’s an alright sequel. Nothing really great. The amazing idea was kinda botched in 4. The central pitch there being: Babies dream while they’re in the womb, right? What if Freddy was attacking someone through their baby’s dreams? That’s a pretty great idea for a Nightmare movie. It wounds great. It wasn’t. They botched things.

The next two films in the Nightmare franchise suck. Freddy’s Dead is ridiculously bad and New Nightmare isn’t really a Nightmare movie. It’s Scream 0. Then we get to Freddy Vs Jason which I personally love. It’s fun, it’s respectful to both franchises and it happens before both Jason X and Freddy’s Dead. It’s wonderful.

The idea with creating a soft reboot for Freddy is to get Robert Englund under the mask. No offense to Jackie Earl Haley but Englund IS Freddy. So Englund returning is paramount.

Before the disgustingly bad remake of Nightmare there were plans on creating a soft reboot for the series. The idea was to have the film split into  a dual narrative with two actors playing Freddy in two different time  periods. One, being the 70’s and the other being modern day. Rumors were swirling that Ben Foster would play young Freddy and Englund would reprise his iconic role.

I love this idea. It’s a perfect way to transition to a new Freddy. As Englund gets to old to done the make-up you just have the younger actor start to play both halves of character. This idea would have been an amazing direction to take the franchise. As such, I’m ripping it the fuck off.

Our Nightmare Reboot starts off in 197whatever. We see Kruger start off as a weird but nice young man. Over the first fifteen to twenty minutes of the movie we see him grappling with these unhealthy urges toward children. We see him hanging out a schools. Bringing candy to neighborhood kids. He’s nice. He’s too nice. We see Freddie dealing with this attraction to kids like an addict. He keeps making deals with himself about never going to the playground again and then he breaks them. Freddie works a dead end job. He has no friends he’s obsessed with this a brother/sister pair that live across the street from his house. One night he  constructs his iconic glove as means of punishing himself. Every time he allows himself to interact with the children across the street he uses his glove hand to cut a laceration into his leg. Towards the end of the first act, something breaks Freddie. It could be something as simple as the boss at his dead end job telling Freddie that he’s on a dead end course and that he’ll never amount to anything or it could be one of the siblings rejecting Freddie’s advances. This is the straw that breaks the camels back. Freddie puts his knife-glove on, kidnaps the siblings and as he’s advancing upon them he dons his fidora. All the while ranting and raving about how he’s going to stop trying to resist his path in life. He’s going to unleash his full potential upon the world. He points to a leather bound photo album and says he’s not going to stop until it’s filled with photos of children that he’s loved.

We smash to black.

Then the movie really starts. We’re in a psychiatric hospital for little children. And here’s where we get into the meat of the idea. The basic elevator pitch is Aliens Meets Nightmare with little kids. We follow the descendant of one of the brother/sister pair. They’re nine or ten living in this psychiatric hospital. Over the course of the movie the hospital inmates discover that they’re all being attacked by Freddy. They band together and enter the dream world to fight him.

That part is pretty similar to Nightmare 4. Where we deviate is two-fold. This is kind of a Dark Knight Returns for Freddie. He’s been out of the game for a little bit and he’s tired. He still loves what he’s doing but he’s weary. And he’s not as funny or over the top. He tries a few times but it just doesn’t work. He’s lost his edge. He grips about the youth not being educated enough to understand his sophisticated sense of humor but deep down, he knows it’s because he’s getting long in the tooth. So what happens? Young Freddie shows up. Old Freddie begins to be haunted by a manifestation of Young Freddie. Young Freddie taunts him saying that he’s permanently lost his edge and that he should leave it to the new guys.

Well, this galvanizes Old Freddy to apply himself and really buckle down and attack the shit out of these kids. And here’s where the big twist comes. Sure, they’re in a mental hospital. Sure, they’re unwell. But they’ve been trained. This is where we bring back a character from one of the previous films. The obvious ones are Patricia Arquette’s Alice Johnson, who was later played by Lisa Wilcox, from Nightmare 3,4,and 5 or Mark Patton’s Jesse from Nightmare 2. They would serve as a doctor at this hospital or maybe even a government employee who has been put in charge of eradicating other worldly phenomena like the ‘Kruger Case’. The third act of the film turns into Aliens with little kids fighting Freddy in the dreamscape. No wacky themed characters, no over the top schtick. Little kid commandos. They all wear military fatigues and work as a highly trained military unit. And guess what? They start to win. They start to overcome every little trap and trick that Freddy throws at them.

This forces Old Freddy and Young Freddy to team up. They’re forced to work with each other to succeed over the new generation of children. Inevitably the Freddy’s fail and good wins out but this sets ups a status quo to bring back both Freddy actors and create interesting opportunities for the franchise.

This film would be a soft reboot in the fashion of X-men: First Class. It would be part in-continuity origin story, part Freddy team-up, part junior commando. Think Aliens meets Ender’s Game set in the Nightmare universe.

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