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Sequelized: Fallen

Time is on my side.

Yes, it is.

Anyone who has seen the Denzel Washington vehicle Fallen knows exactly what I’m talking about. Most people that I’ve encountered don’t even correlate the song with the Stones anymore. It’s Fallen. Walking through a crowd of people singing “Time Is On My Side” will inevitably result in someone stopping to ask if you’re singing the song from ‘That Denzel Movie’. How could a movie so culturally relevant not have spawned a sequel or even a franchise?

Well, it didn’t make any money. Ok. I get that. But Blade Runner didn’t make money initially and that movie has gone on to have like twelve different cuts, books, comics, and a new sequel. Ok, maybe Blade Runner is slightly more important than Fallen but Fallen has a fan base. I’m not exactly sure who the fans are, but they’re out there.

Fallen centers around Detective John Hobbs as he combats an evil spirit named Azazel. Azazel has the nifty ability to be able to possess people and ‘body jump’ from person to person simply through a touch.

The movie is a suspense thriller that deviates from the usual milestones of other genre fair.


The film’s high concept nature and the above average execution are fun but it’s the immersive use of the Rolling Stone’s ‘Time is on my side’ song that elevates the film. The film is iconic without actually being amazing. It’s good, but not great. It shouldn’t be as well known and loved as it is.

Fallen wasn’t particularly well reviewed when it was released. It also didn’t make a lot of money. Which means what? Brand awareness and room to grow.

I smell a TV show sequel.

The TV show would function similar to the Sarah Connor Chronicles did. Sam, Denzel’s nephew in the film, is now around 16. He’s being raised by an overly protective surrogate mother. They’re constantly on the run/battling Azazel who has survived the events for the movie.

The arc of the first season would be Sam and his mother fighting Azazel. Of course they defeat him at the end of the first season. The big twist would be that that Azazel has homies. Lots of other demons that have a myriad of other powers. And of course Sam and his mother are introduced to a team of judeo christian demon hunters. Boom season two: Demon Hunters vs Army of Demons.

Let’s make this happen.


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