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Sin City 2 Trailer

Sin City has been in the works for a while now. And here it is. We finally have a trailer for the highly anticipated film.

Recently Frank Miller, the creator of the comics that Sin City is based on did an interview where he answered some interesting questions.

On Robert Rodriguez :

Robert Rodriguez approached me. He really wanted to do it and saw how to do it. I didn’t want to do it and didn’t see how to do it. So he pursued me, he met me at one point in Hell’s Kitchen and showed me what he had in mind, and my answer was “no” because I didn’t trust the process. To me it was all Hollywood (keeping in mind I was talking to Austin, and there’s a lot more to recommend working in Austin). Anyways the next stage was about a week later, when Robert Rodriguez phoned me up and said “hey Frank, why don’t you come out for a weekend, I’ll fly you out, we’ll do a scene with a few friends. If you like it, maybe we’ll do a movie, if you don’t we’ll have a cool DVD to show our friends.” So I went out there, his so-called friends were trained professional actors, and for a freelance scene, and we shot it in 10 hours, and partway through the shooting, which was all going well enough but the female lead I didn’t believe she was getting it right, she came over to me and stared at me with those big actress eyes (they really are very hard to take your eyes off) and they said “Well I always wanted to ask- why would I hired somebody to kill myself?!” I ended up talking to her for about 10 minutes, and telling her things i told NO ONE. I told her the entire backstory of the character, and she brightened and went back out and did 3 times the acting job she did before. I went over to Robert and kicked him in the shins, and that really established to me something that I hadn’t realized before. I had been mostly nervous about working with actors. I mean, I knew I could put pictures together and tell stories, but a cartoonist’s life is a very solitary one, at least while you’re working. And movies are quite the opposite, you are surrounded by people and the most prominent among them are the actors. And what I was surprised and delighted by was that I get along great with actors, in fact I love them. I love working with them and they love wring with me. And I feel like i’ve made a whole pile of new friends.

On if he’ll have another cameo:

Oh yea, two cameos in fact. One very minor, where I get buffeted by shards of broken glass and another Robert Rodriguez and I do it as a surprise, as two thugs who end up committing suicide. It’s very short, it’s very sweet and it’s very funny if you know us, because we both stay very much in the character we perform on film. We perform as we are making the film.

On the best advice that he’s ever got:

I love to quote Kurt Vonnegut here without attributing it to him. He was asked what advice he would give new writers, and he said “never use semicolons.” He was being funny but he was accurate. The best advice I received was probably from Neil Adams, the artist, and he looked at my work when I was an amateur, he was one of my earliest teachers, and he just looked at the work pieces, which was usually done in Comic Book Land because he was publishing back in the 70s when people were very rough on you. And he just said to me “artists are people who know how things work.” And that stuck with me. That if I was going to draw something, I had better know how it was drawn together. Including something as virtually impossible as the human body. We’ve got a LOT of movable parts. And each has a very different function.


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