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Singles You Shouldn’t Miss (August Edition)

It might have been a slow summer for national releases, but the indie music scene has been as solid as ever. Here are a few great singles that have come onto my personal radar this month. By pure coincidence, all of this month’s featured artists happen to be from LA. I think you’ll enjoy these!



Kitten frontwoman Chloe Chaidez seems like such a veteran when she’s performing that it’s easy to forget she’s only 18—never mind she started this thing three years ago. This LA-based act has been getting lots of attention for their twist on 80’s influenced punk and dance-rock with the release of several EPs. Their latest single “Like a Stranger” dives head-first into electro and synth-rock. Watch for a new EP of the same name to come out next week, and watch for the band on tour with Charli XCX.


I have to say, I love the vintage vibe of this indie-pop/rock band. Their debut album Voyeur made plenty of waves in the indie scene last year, and their new single “My Type” is a sign of more to come. Its combination of horn riffs with a disco beat makes me want to dance. How about you?



Singer-songwriter Jayme Dee really got noticed last year when her recording of the song “Rules” was featured in The Hunger Games. She’s now getting even more attention for the recent release of her Broken Record EP. “Till I Fall Asleep” is the EP’s closing track, and it’s just haunting and beautiful. I could only find a clip on Soundcloud, but it’s well worth looking it up on Spotify or MOG—or better yet, just go download the EP from iTunes.

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