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Singles You Shouldn’t Miss–May 2013 Edition

I’m going to try out a new feature this month called “Singles You Shouldn’t Miss”—a quick run-down of current tracks by artists you probably know, along with a few you probably haven’t heard of, but should. Some have new albums out, others have albums coming out soon—but in any case, if you’re a fan of indie-styled music, hopefully this feature will put some fresh tunes on your radar.

At my own prerogative, the premiere post in this series features female artists that are currently inspiring me. Enjoy!



I love just about anything Ingrid Michaelson puts out—I’m not ashamed to admit it. I think she appeals to a lot of people not just because of her great songwriting, but also because of her unassuming girl-next-door look and vibe. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will probably recognize this tune, “Without You,” as it was featured in the series finale.


Probably the most mainstream pop of this month’s play list, Sara Bareilles’ single “Brave” is still incredibly catchy and inspiring. She’s also invited fans to share their own personal stories of brave moments here. Watch for her full release The Blessed Unrest in July.


Here’s a new one to my radar, but one I think is going to make a lot of waves in days to come. Brisbane-based Emma Louise got a lot of attention with her EP Full Hearts and Empty Rooms a couple of years ago (and in particular her single “Jungle). Her latest single “Boy” has a great understated electro-pop vibe, and her debut full-length album Vs Head Vs Heart comes out this week. I want.



So here’s a little sub-theme to this month’s list of Singles You Shouldn’t Miss: Girls singing about boys, and/or girls named BOY. This German girl duo is already popular in indie circles in Europe from their release Mutual Friends, but since releasing it in North America earlier this year and following it up with a tour, they are already selling out their venues in these parts. Below is a performance video of their latest single “Oh Boy.” Also, you can read an interview we did with BOY here.


BOY – “Oh Boy” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

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