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Sleepaway Camp To Be Rebooted

Sleepaway Camp is one of those amazing slasher films that really only could have been made during the 80’s. If a modern production company attempted to make a film that had Sleepaway Camp’s notorious twist ending, it would have be stopped on multiple fronts. It’s just that plain and simple. Sleepaway Camp couldn’t have existed during any other time. So what does that mean for a reboot?

Jeff Katz, formerly of New Line Cinema and Fox, is going to produce a remake/reboot/whatever they’re calling it these days with the original creative team of Robert Hiltzik and the original film’s star Felissa Rose. From the limited information that has been leaked about this project it would appear that Katz, Hiltzik, Rose, and company have the best of intentions.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, or just want a refresher Shout! Factory is going to be releasing a Blu-Ray soon. And there’s always the three unofficial sequels and the one official one. There’s plenty of Sleepaway Camp content out there to keep you occupied.

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