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Star Trek Into Darkness

Into Darkness is the film that Trek fans have been waiting years to see. With the resounding success that Abram’s Star Trek was, many assumed that a sequel would be rushed into theatres. But Abrams opted to take the time to really create the sequel that the fans and movie going public deserved.


How does Into Darkness compare to it’s eleven predecessors? Well, it’s no Nemesis. You can breathe easy. Is it Wrath of Khan? I won’t say so, but it wants to be very badly.

And that’s where the film really stumbles, the Trek franchise is so expansive and sprawling it’s interesting that the feature films keep coming back to this “Khan” formula in attempts to achieve success. Arguably the franchise’s biggest success and biggest failure have come from the utilization of this formula. It’s ballsy and completely obvious for Abrams and crew to select a Wrath-like scenario for their sophomore effort.


As for the film? It centers around our crew of beloved spacefaring Starfleet officers dealing with a new threat and attempting to forge ahead.


The film has some very strange writing issues. However, the characters are all so beautifully integrated, and the films villain is so charismatic you easily accept those issues. Into Darkness also satisfies the main qualm that most Trek fans had about Star Trek 11, it was about something. It had a political point. This point has never sat well with me because plenty of Star Trek episodes and features haven’t had an overtly political point. Into Darkness most definitely does. It also, while still remaining humorous, drops much of the slapstick comedy that Trek 11 worked off.


I would be remiss in attempting to talk about the film if I did not commend Quito, Cumberbatch, and Pine on their stellar performances. All three deliver massively impressive work.


While Into Darkness may not be the best Star Trek film ever made, it was attempting to be, which is something. It was immensely entertaining and took stabs and being thought provoking. Immediately after watching the film I wanted to watch it again. That alone speaks volumes about it.

3 / 5 stars     

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