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Star Wars Episode VII Casting Sheets Revealed

It seems like every other day there are new Star Wars Episode VII leaks or rumors. Last week we heard that the film would center around Han Solo and Princess Leia’s children Jason and Jana. This, of course, wasn’t true. It’s assumed that Abrams and company aren’t going to use any Extended Universe continuity within their new film, which is too bad.

With memorable characters such as Anakin Solo, Ben Skywalker, Thrawn, and almost thousands of other beloved creations being jettisoned many have been attempting to devise the cast list.

well, apparently this weeks supposed casting sheets are a bit more reliable.


Late-teen female, independent, good sense of humour, fit.

Young twenty-something male, witty and smart, fit but not traditionally good looking.

A late twentysomething male, fit, handsome and confident.

Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanour. Also doesn’ t need to be particularly fit.

A second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and fit. Forty something male, fit, military type.

Thirtysomething male, intellectual. Apparently doesn’t need to be fit.

This cast list is interesting but not necessarily a dead give away. Nothing about this suggests any real character details. I’d assume that the twenty somethings are all young jedi and the ‘military’ character is in some way related to the New Republic but nothing is for sure. Nothing about these are particularly Star Wars-y.

We’ll see as we go forward what shapes up. Lucasfilm has gone on record as saying that they’ll be mostly open about this process. So you can hopefully rest easy. There won’t be any ‘Is Bennedict Cumberbatch playing Kahn’ nonsense hopefully. I’m really tired of those faeux-secrets. They’re never as big a reveal as the creators want them to be.

I’m still hoping against hope that they’ll incorporate characters form the EU into the film franchise. I’d be a shame to waste Mara Jade and such. Time will tell.


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