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Started From The Bottom: Drake’s Newest Single & Its Freestyle Spinoffs

“October’s Very Own” is back with a vengeance. 2011 was Drake’s year, as evidenced by the success of his second LP Take Care. Young Money/Cash Money’s Canadian superstar blew up the internet when he announced that he was in the middle of putting together his third album. The lead single for that next album, titled “Started From The Bottom,” was set to be heard around the world on the evening of the 55th Grammy Awards.

Instead, Drake chose to do something a little nice for us all, releasing the single a little earlier than expected. When a rapper of Drake’s caliber drops a brand new piece of official music, it’s an event. Have you heard it yet? No? Then that means you probably take refuge under a rock. Check it out for yourself:



Drake goes into this song with heartfelt lyrics about his upbringing. His issues with his parents, plus his struggle to become one of the best whoever did it are perfectly documented on this surefire single. He always makes sure to remind his listeners that his road to superstardom and worldwide fame was never an easy journey. This song is an inspirational account of someone who appreciates the good times and the bad. It helps that the beat is easy on the ears, too (round of applause for producer Mike Zombie).

Remember when I said that this song signaled an event? The rest of the rap/hip-hop world took notice and strengthened the beat themselves with dope freestyles. Here’s a few of the more star studded performances I came across:


Machine Gun Kelly




Wiz Khalifa (Starts at 2:18)


Soulja Boy


Fat Trel


I also got put onto some ill renditions of the song from some lesser known MC’s. Take note of their talented handling of this tune:




Dennis Thaikoon




As you can clearly hear, some of these aren’t exactly winning examples of incredible wordplay. But it’s fascinating to see and hear how fast one powerful artist/song can inspire others to go just as hard. Drake is going to make this song even bigger once he provides the visuals for it, courtesy of Director X. Drake has made his presence felt on plenty of dope singles lately (“Diced Pineapples,” “F****n’ Problems,” and “Poetic Justice”), but I think everybody’s ready for another solo outing from Drizzy Drake.

“Started From The Bottom” is just the beginning of Drake’s ownership over the rap game for 2013.

Thank him now.

Thank him later.



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