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Straight From Da Vault: Kwest Tha Madd Lad “101 Things To Do While I’m With Your Girl”

I admit to being an aficionado of old school rap/hip-hop. My idea of a perfect day is entering a record store and browsing through dozens of popular/super-obscure rap records. You can probably tell I miss Fat Beats in NY so, so much. Now that I have an outlet to showcase my passion for my favorite genre of music, I feel like putting you folks onto some cats that probably weren’t on your radar.

Let’s start this thing off right. I present to you Kwest Tha Madd Lad. Quite an epic name for a rapper, huh? Nothing tops the many rap aliases of Kool Keith, though. Anyway, my man Kwest was the crown jewel of Rick Rubin’s American Recordings label and hails from my home base of operations – Queens, NY. In the early 90’s, Kwest made quite a stir at the New Music Seminar, and once he got noticed, his studio album debut soon followed.

This Is My First Album dropped in 1996, and it was one the funniest albums I’d ever heard. Kwest’s flow is all over the place, but I found myself enjoying it since he told some of the funniest personal accounts on wax.  The skit that celebrated one’s flatulence was hilarious (don’t judge me). Kwest’s storytelling and battle raps were up to par, too.

Kwest released one other project in 2007 (These Are My Unreleased Recordings) on No Sleep Recordings. Sadly, this is all the man has ever put out. But in the end, his two albums remind me of a time in rap when humor and storytelling were more prevalent than they are today.

Kwest is also responsible for one of the most disrespectful rap songs I’ve ever heard. After listening to this song a few times, I think a lot of males should keep their ladies under lock and key. Otherwise, someone like Kwest could knock ‘em down as soon as their backs are turned.

This music video perfectly captures my city in the mid-90’s. Watch your girl…because Kwest is watching her, too.

Peep dis.


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