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Richard Marx Right Here Waiting

Pop Rewind: Richard Marx “Right Here Waiting”

While Richard Marx has remained active in the music scene as a performer, songwriter and producer since being discovered by Lionel Richie three decades ago, most people remember the gritty-voiced pop-rocker for his string of radio hits in the late 1980s—and among them, the song below is likely the one we remember most. “Right Here Waiting,” a simple, piano-led ballad, was released in 1989 as the second single off of […]


Pop Rewind: Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer”

After Peter Gabriel left the band Genesis in 1975 (prompting band drummer Phil Collins to take the frontman slot), he embarked on a successful solo career which continues to this day. But his post-Genesis breakout as a worldwide phenomenon didn’t come until he finally agreed to assign an actual title to his fifth solo album (his first four were untitled, and have come to be known as Peter Gabriel 1,2,3 […]


Pop Rewind: Debbie Gibson “Foolish Beat”

How can I put this? Before there was Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber, there was Debbie Gibson. In the 80’s music scene, teenage pop stars were fairly rare, which is perhaps why then-17-year-old Debbie Gibson made such a splash with her breakout album Out of the Blue. Her top hit from that record, “Foolish Beat,” was a record-setter, garnering her an entry in the 1988 Guinness Book of World Records […]


Gold Fields “Black Sun” –Album Review

Astralwerks (2013)

As the latest band to further cement Australia’s reputation as the hotbed of indie-disco talent, it seems fair to say that Gold Fields aren’t short on confidence. The quintet initially recorded debut album Black Sun with producers Mickey Petralia (Ladytron, Peaches) and Scott Horscroft (Sleepy Jackson, Silverchair), before deciding that actually, they could do the whole record entirely themselves. Ditching the glamour of Los Angeles for the mundanity of a […]