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A$AP Yams, Founder of A$AP Mob, Dead at 26

Steven Rodriguez, better known as A$AP Yams and the founder of the famed New York hip-hop collective A$AP Mob, died Sunday, as confirmed by a statement from his label, RCA Records. He was 26. “All of us at RCA Records are shocked and saddened to hear of the death of A$AP Yams,” the label said in a statement. “As one of the creative forces behind A$AP Worldwide, Yams’ vision, humor […]


Their Moment: 10 of 2012’s Best Rap/Hip-Hop Collaborative Songs

2012 is soon coming to an end. Is life as we know it coming to an end, too?  Let’s hope the Mayans were wrong about their little doomsday prediction. But just in case they’re not, let’s make sure we all party till we can’t party no more. The DJ at this world ending party better have these songs on deck! These rap/hip-hop songs feature a wide variety of the biggest […]


Aesthetic Considerations: A$AP Mob and Odd Future, Part 2

Earlier this week we took a look at the Odd Future—one of two up-and-coming hip-hop crews whose aesthetic is likely to define the next few years of the genre. In the case of Odd Future, this cultural saturation has already begun (2012 was the year of the cat t-shirt), but when it comes to A$AP Mob, Odd Future’s East Coast counterpart, the process of sponge-like permeation lags a couple steps […]


Aesthetic Considerations: A$AP Mob and Odd Future, Part 1

Any lingering doubts about A$AP Mob’s ability to define the next decade of hip-hop have been handily dispelled in the wake of its Lord$ Never Worry mixtape. In addition to building anticipation for its various solo releases, he crew’s sudden ascendance has placed it in an odd position with regards to hip-hop’s other reigning clique of the moment: Odd Future. One hails from LA, the other from New York; one […]


Weekly Mixtape: The Week’s Best Tracks (Edition 9.01.12)

Welcome to your Weekly Mixtape September 1, 2012.   Trae the Truth ft. Waka Flocka Flame, “I Got Em” Offering a sterling example of “big, ridiculous stomping rap,” Trae the Truth and Waka Flocka Flame (two of the subgenre’s most sedulous proponents) have teamed up to create “I Got Em.” The track borrows many of its moves from the DMX playbook. Menacing, sky-high strings form the backbone of the beat, […]


A$AP Mob, “Lord$ Never Worry” — Album Review

A$AP Worldwide (2012)

Taking a page from the Rick Ross book of crew-based promotion, A$AP Mob (of which breakout star A$AP Rocky forms the integral portion) has released Lord$ Never Worry in well-timed anticipation of Rocky’s studio debut, which is due for release next month. While neither as furiously energetic nor as a stylistically pitch-perfect as A$AP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP mixtape, Lord$ Never Worry nonetheless establishes A$AP Mob as one of finest rap crews […]