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5 Tips for Increasing Your Music Sales

Okay, okay. As musical artists (or any other artist, for that matter), we often like to try to tell ourselves, “It’s not about the money, it’s about the art.” In a perfect world (or in Star Trek), that would certainly be true. Most musicians I talk to (including myself—yes, I talk to myself sometimes, don’t you?) tell me they wish they had the freedom just to create without worrying about […]

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Find Your Audience and Connect with Them

If there’s anything a DIY musician should know in this day and age, is that connection is a key to success.  We’re not just talking about industry connections, but also connection with your audience.  Our culture craves connection more than ever, and the most successful musical artists are the ones who have found that connection with the people who love their music.  In this piece adapted from The Developing Artist, […]

Take Charge

The DIY Music Scene: A Blessing and a Curse?

The following is an excerpt from the e-book Take Charge Of Your Music Career: Learning To Think Like a Music Entrepreneur. I wrote this e-book a few months back for the purpose of helping DIY musicians think differently about the changing music market and finding their place within it.  What follows below is the first chapter of the book.  If you’d like to read more, the entire e-book is currently […]

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Musicianship 101: Playing In a Band

Live performance has always been a huge part of being a musical artist, but for DIY musicians it seems to be taking a more critical role than ever.  For those who play in a band, you might be surprised at how many musicians don’t actually understand the band dynamic–how to play music together, rather than separately.  Being a good musician doesn’t automatically make you a good band mate; it requires […]


Possibilities Lead To Opportunities [2013 in Review]

In looking over some of MIMO’s more memorable articles from the past year, we found this nugget of encouragement by Jeff McQ. Opening your thinking to embrace possibilities is a key to success for DIY musicians, which is why this article is definitely worth revisiting. –Ed. ***** Let’s face it: being a DIY musician is hard. Even with the many ways musicians now have (thanks to digital technology and the […]


The Three Networks DIY Musicians Need To Build [2013 In Review]

Continuing our review of key MIMO articles from 2013…this piece Jeff McQ wrote back in July offers valuable information for DIY musicians who are responsible for doing their own networking and promotion. Learning how to make connections and how to manage those connections is a skill every serious independent musical artist should learn.  Definitely a topic worth revisiting. –Ed In the music industry, connections are key. This is especially true […]


What Is a Hook, and Why Do You Need One?

The following is adapted from an article I wrote for The Developing Artist. As both a music enthusiast and a songwriter, I understand the need for a good hook in a song, and in my own writing, I always try to include something in the song that makes the listener want to keep listening. The word “hook” seems to come with some negative baggage among DIY musicians, especially those who […]


The Resurgence of Live Music

The article below has been adapted from a piece I wrote for The Developing Artist three years ago. Since the article was written, the trends toward live performance seem only to have increased, so I felt the topic was worth revisiting, with a few adaptations made to account for current trends. If you are an independent musician, it’s definitely important for you to take live performance seriously. Enjoy!   Many, […]


Finding and Developing Your “Wow” Factor

This article has been adapted from a post I wrote for The Developing Artist. It’s my opinion that in some way, as indie musicians, we all have a “wow” factor–that element to our art that makes us unique, that makes us stand out. In a growing pool of competition, we need to discover this “wow” factor and strengthen it, now more than ever. Enjoy! There’s a sort of intangible “something” […]


Self-Promotion Is NOT a Four-Letter Word

The post below has been adapted from a piece I wrote for The Developing Artist called “Shameless Self-Promotion.” I think it contains some important reminders for DIY musicians that not only is it appropriate to self-promote, but it is necessary–especially when you are on your own with it. Like I said in the post, if you don’t do it–who will?   I don’t know about you, but in my background, […]


The Three Networks DIY Musicians Need To Build

In the music industry, connections are key. This is especially true of indie musicians who cannot rely on industry “people” to make connections for them. To be well-connected as a DIY musician, you need to focus your efforts on building three important networks—three groups of people with whom you need to form relationships. There can be overlapping between these three groups, but you will approach each one a bit differently, […]

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Why Musicians Need To Keep Their Options Open

In my previous post in this column, I talked about how when DIY musicians open themselves to possibilities, it can open up more opportunities. Along that same line, I thought this piece I originally wrote for The Developing Artist about keeping your options open would fit in quite well with this discussion. I thought I’d share a bit from that article here. More food for thought. ************ Here’s something for you to […]


Possibilities Lead To Opportunities

Let’s face it: being a DIY musician is hard. Even with the many ways musicians now have (thanks to digital technology and the Internet) to reach an audience without having to be “discovered” or signed to a major label, the flip side is that there is no support system built into the process. Label artists have “people” who handle administration, promotion and marketing, while DIY musicians have to take care […]


“When Are You Going to Grow Up?”: Dealing With Emotional Resistance

The following post is adapted from a piece I wrote last year for The Developing Artist. It deals with some of the emotional resistance DIY artists frequently face from people, including those who are sometimes closest to them. This piece seemed to resonate quite a bit with my readers, so I thought it was worth sharing here. I’m always intrigued to hear artists and musicians tell their personal stories. With […]


Improving Performance: Vocals and Pitch

Here’s another adaptation from the “Polishing Your Performance” series of posts I wrote in 2010 for The Developing Artist. This one deals with vocals and singing on pitch. I was reminded of the importance of this just this week when I sat in on a vocal recording session with a local musical artist. I was impressed by the fact that he was very meticulous about making sure his vocals were […]

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