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Improving Performance: Tips for Interacting With Your Audience

Here’s another nugget from the “Polishing Your Performance” series of posts on The Developing Artist, this time about live performance and interacting with your audience. No matter how good you are in the studio, most DIY musicians today rely heavily on live shows to get their name out there and to build a following. You can’t phone this in, or your audience will notice and won’t take you seriously. Hopefully, […]


Finding a Niche: A Key to DIY Success (part 1)

If you look at the career of pretty much any musical artist who has found success (DIY or otherwise)—and you should be studying such artists if you are serious about this thing yourself—you will find a common thread among all of them: they found a niche. That is, they found something within their music, their persona, their talent or their identity that was just a little bit different from everything […]


What? You’re a DIY Musician, and You’re Not On YouTube??

There’s this unfortunate irony that by the time you get wind of a new trend and manage get on the bandwagon, chances are the trend has already peaked. But in the case of DIY musicians finding success on YouTube, there’s still time to get on board if you haven’t already. Not only is online video becoming a dominant force on the InterWebs, but YouTube in particular has become a social […]


Multiple Income Streams for DIY Musicians

Let’s get this part out of the way: making a living as a DIY musician is tough. Even with all the avenues that have opened up for us in recent years (i.e., the Internet, digital recording, YouTube and social networking), relatively few DIY musicians have built a big enough fan base to support their careers on a full-time basis. Even fewer become rich doing it. Yes, being a DIY musician […]


DIY Musicians: The Balance Between Just Doing It, and Doing It Right

This article is adapted from a piece I posted two years ago at The Developing Artist. DIY musicians face an ongoing dilemma between spending huge amounts of money (which they may not be able to afford) on their recordings, or cutting corners just to get  their music out there. I discuss these issues in the post below. Enjoy!   Despite that fact that modern technology has made it easier for […]


Avoiding the Subculture of Mediocrity

Let’s face it: being a DIY musician (or an independent artist of any stripe, for that matter) is a lonely business. Not only is there a lot of stuff you have to do on your own besides music (booking, networking, promotion, all that good stuff), but it’s also very easy to get discouraged at rejection or an apparent lack of progress. For most of us, it takes a lot of […]


The Tortoise and the Hare: Pitfalls of Instant Success [2012 In Review]

As today we wrap up our month-long look back at some of MIMO’s more intriguing pieces from 2012, we wanted to highlight this gem written back in June, “The Tortoise and the Hare: Why Instant Success Could Be Bad For Your Career”–an interesting take on the pitfalls of instant stardom. DIY musicians, take note, and learn. –Ed   As kids, many of us heard the fable “The Tortoise and the […]


You Can Always Learn More: Keeping an Open Mind As a Musician

In my role as a blogger and a general encourager of DIY musicians, I come across a lot of musical artists who are good, but who could be better. I also come across some who could be doing certain things more effectively in their careers, but aren’t. And I can almost always tell, right off the bat, which musicians are open to input, and which ones think they have the […]


Getting Your Music Noticed

The post below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for The Developing Artist on “Finding Fresh Ways to Get Your Music Noticed.” As you’ll be able to tell from the piece, I’m not really one to rely much on fixed formulas, because by the time it becomes a formula, it’s already pretty much overused. However, my goal in writing this piece was to encourage DIY musicians to think […]


Why You Need Objective Feedback

As you may know, besides my work here at MIMO, I write a blog of my own called The Developing Artist. The following post, “Why You Need Objective Feedback,” is adapted from a post from that blog. Occasionally, I’ll be re-posting nuggets from The Developing Artist that I think will be helpful here; I felt that this post ties in well with my previous post on MIMO, “Flattery Will Get […]


Flattery Will Get You Nowhere: Guarding Our Need for Affirmation

I know very few artists (myself included) who do not have a deep need for affirmation. We create art from inside ourselves, and it’s natural to want people to appreciate it for what it is. But when affirmation turns to flattery, it can actually be dangerous for us, and can do us more harm than good. Part of growing as an artist means growing as a person, and that means […]

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