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No, It’s Really Good: The Shadow (Film Review)

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows. The 1994 big budget feature film adaptation of the seminal radio/pulps/comics/serials character known as The Shadow was, at the time considered a faliure. It failed to launch a video game, toy, and clothing line all designed to take your hard earned 1994 money. The film was panned  by critics, and failed to make enough money to justify […]

Two men enter! One Man Leaves!

Hollywood Family Thunderdome

Hollywood seems to be dominated by famous familial dynasties. From John Huston and his children Angelica Huston and Danny Huston to Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas to the Smith/Pinkett-Smith children cadre. Being born into fame and stardom isn’t a guarantee that it will stick, but it’s definitely a good way to start your career. In the 90’s there was only one true Hollywood family that appeared in every film made […]