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Valentine’s Day: Your Musical Guide to Scoring Some Loving

Valentine’s Day is a joyous occasion for all the lovers out there. Hands will be held ever so tightly and lovely gift exchanges between couples will become commonplace. Roses, chocolates, teddy bears and five star restaurant reservations play a huge part in guaranteeing you some good loving. But the lovely sounds of passionate R&B music can seal the deal even more. There’s going to be a period where the hugs […]


“Girl On Fire”: Alicia Keys Re-Kindled

RCA Records (2012)

By many standards, R&B songstress Alicia Keys seems to be an anomaly. With all the pressure upon artists in the R&B and pop markets to outdo one another in the over-the-top department—to say, wear and/or do more and more outrageous things—Keys has stayed quietly out of the fray, militantly refusing to shake her booty to sell her records, demanding that she be respected as an artist on the basis of […]