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Manchester Orchestra Cope

Manchester Orchestra “Cope”—Album Review

Republic (2014)

To state the obvious—Manchester Orchestra’s new album Cope is loud. Really loud. Front to back. And that’s exactly how they planned it. If you’re a fan of Manchester Orchestra, you need to know this up front because if you’re looking for a repeat of the dynamic variation found in 2011’s Simple Math, you’re bound to be disappointed.  For Cope, Andy Hull and crew have eschewed their more introspective side for […]

Blue October Sway

The MIMO Interview: Blue October [2013 In Review]

One of our best-received MIMO interviews from the past year was the one Jeff McQ did back in August with Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. On the eve of the band’s new album release Sway, Furstenfeld seemed notably enthusiastic and hopeful as he talked about the dynamics of “going independent” with Blue October, and about his own newfound sobriety. We thought this interview was definitely worth revisiting. Enjoy. –Ed.   […]

Blue October Sway

The MIMO Interview: Blue October

For over a decade and a half, Texas-based alternative rock act Blue October have been steadily building a solid fan base and a reputation for making great music. Their first big foray into the spotlight came in 2006 with their Platinum-selling album Foiled and their first Top-40 single “Hate Me.” Even after going independent from Universal a few years ago, their albums have seen greater and greater chart success, with […]


Editors “The Weight Of Your Love” –Album Review

PIAS (2013)

Sometimes the overall reception of a new album is simply a matter of context. The irony of situation for British alt-rock outfit Editors is that their ill-fated attempt at Euro-synth-rock with 2009’s In This Light and On This Evening actually puts them in a good position, because any shift in musical direction is likely to be seen as a positive move. Enter The Weight Of Your Love, the band’s fourth studio […]


Rock Rewind: The Smiths “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”

Given that Morrissey’s physical ailments have caused him to be in the news lately (he’s getting better, by the way), I thought it was a good excuse for this week’s Rewind to pull out a gem from Morrissey’s early days as lead vocalist for UK alt-rockers The Smiths. The Smiths are one of those acts who saw limited commercial success during their run, but who have garnered a loyal cult […]


Angels and Airwaves Release Double EP “Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal”

Angels and Airwaves, the alt-rock side project begun in 2005 by Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge, has turned out to be much more than a side project. The band has released a total of four studio records since that time, their epic, atmospheric sound and poignant lyricism drawing a surprisingly large fan base without the support of major distribution. Now, despite Blink-182’s highly publicized comeback in 2009, Angels and Airwaves continue to […]


Flyleaf Eyes “New Horizons” with Bittersweet Album Release

A&M/Octone Records (2012)

No one could have wanted it to happen like this. How ironic to have the release of perhaps your greatest album to date overshadowed by the news that the defining voice of your band is leaving. It appears that alt-rockers Flyleaf’s third album, aptly titled New Horizons, actually marks the end of an era for the band even as it announces a new one. Just days before the album’s release, […]


Anberlin “Vital”: Album Review

Universal Republic (2012)

For the past few years, the musical journey alt-rock band Anberlin has reflected what every band hopes for, and what we as rock music fans love to see: every album building on the positives of the last one, while the band itself follows a natural evolution and growth. Vital, Anberlin’s latest release, falls right into that evolutionary path, and thus may very well be the band’s most masterful work to […]


Circa Survive Self-Releases New Album “Violent Waves”

Self-released (2012)

In a defiant maneuver that offers a solid “screw-you” gesture to the industry bigwigs, emo alt-rockers Circa Survive have chosen to go truly indie, delivering their fourth studio effort Violent Waves on August 28 as a self-released project, and marketing it directly to their fans. According to the band’s website, Violent Waves has been completely funded and produced by the band, and will be available to fans for as little […]


Rock Rewind: R.E.M. “The One I Love”

Forming in the early 1980’s, R.E.M. was a key player in the evolution of what is now alternative rock, one of those bands that influenced many other bands beyond them. Like many bands of their type, R.E.M. actually eschewed mainstream success, and tried to avoid it for as long as possible. “The One I Love,” widely considered to be the band’s breakthrough single, was actually off their fifth album Document […]


Soul Asylum’s “Delayed Reaction”

429 Records (2012)

You gotta hand it to Soul Asylum: they’ve endured enough in their near 30-year stint to cause plenty of other bands to call it quits. Among the list of hardships: inconsistent kudos from the critics; being dropped from not one, but two major labels; dealing with hearing loss; a revolving door of drummers; and the death of bassist Karl Mueller from cancer in 2005. And yet, with the low end […]


Garbage “Not Your Kind of People”—Album Review

Stunvolume (2012)

When you’re a band with the previous alt-rock success that Garbage had in the 1990’s, and you haven’t released an album in seven years, said record should probably be considered a “comeback” album. That means you should probably do something inventive (or RE-inventive), something that grabs people’s attention, and says, very clearly, “WE ARE BACK.” With Not Your Kind of People, apparently Garbage failed to get that memo. Granted, the […]


Keane “Strangeland”: A Strange Irony

Strangeland, the new studio release by British alternative band Keane, is a bit puzzling as far as album titles go. On the one hand, it seems a bit ironic, because the band has effectively returned to the familiar sonic territory of Under the Iron Sea; on the other hand, on their way back to familiar territory, it seems the band missed an exit along the way and found themselves lost. […]


Silversun Pickups “Neck of the Woods”: A Step Forward, but No Breakthrough

Those who were hoping for a major breakthrough moment in alt-rock band Silversun Pickups’ third studio release Neck of the Woods are likely to be disappointed. That’s not to say the record isn’t good; I think it’s not only a respectable offering, but a natural next step for the band. Mostly, the critics’ fodder is likely to be that the record isn’t different enough from their previous work to set it […]


The Dandy Warhols “This Machine”—Album Review

The End Records (2012)

The Portland-based Dandy Warhols (whose new release This Machine drops this week) have developed quite an underground following over the years, with their shoegaze-influenced alt-rock sound, their raucous, carefree party vibe, and their penchant for nudity in their live shows and music videos (which are understandably NOT posted here). While their primary international hit “Bohemian Like You” made them (at least temporarily) a household name, their releases since have done […]