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American Hustle

American Hustle (Film Review)

The award season is in full effect. Every film that is released during this time of year has one goal, and one goal alone, WIN THE OSCAR. One of the key contenders this year is David O. Russell’s newest film ‘American Hustle’. Described by Russell as ‘Boogie Nights as if it were directed by Martin Scorsese.’ This is an apt description of the wonderful film that David O. Russell and […]


David O. Russell’s American Hustle Looks Splendid

David O. Russell is one of the finest directors currently working. He’s also know to be a bit of a hot head. Having placed George Clooney in a headlock and verbally assaulted multiple A-list actors, Russell is beginning to be know as much for his films as for his offscreen antics. Never the less, Russell’s latest film American Hustle looks to be a pitch perfect period piece with an all […]