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RIP, American Idol Alum Michael Johns

Former AI contestant dead at 35

Michael Johns, the good-looking, Aussie-accented singer who wowed American audiences during Season 7 of American Idol, has died at age 35, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The cause of death is believed to be a blood clot originating in the singer’s ankle. Johns first arrived in the U.S. to attend college on a tennis scholarship, but used the opportunity to pursue music. By the time he auditioned for AI at […]

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American Idol Sued by Ten Former Contestants

Suit alleges racism, reinforcing of black stereotypes

This week, ten former American Idol hopefuls filed a lawsuit against the Fox Network, its corporate sponsors and former executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, alleging that the show is racist, as reported by Entertainment Weekly and the LA Times. The lawsuit alleges that the ten plaintiffs, all African-American males appearing between Seasons 2 and 9 of the show, were forced out of the competition, publicly and unfairly disqualified, because they were […]


(Another) Shake-Up at “American Idol”? What Does It Mean?

Yesterday was a very interesting news cycle when it comes to one-time Fox juggernaut show American Idol. After seeing its lowest ratings ever last week, rumors began swirling, and reports began surfacing (beginning with The Wrap) claiming an inside scoop that all four judges were about to be fired, along with executive producer Nigel Lythgoe. The reports further claimed that Season 13 will get an overhaul, including a fresh look […]


Jessica Sanchez “You, Me and the Music”—Album Review

Interscope (2013)

Enter the latest American Idol contestant to jump into the album chart race. Last remembered by television viewers as the young R&B/pop songstress beat out by current chart topper Phillip Phillips in Season 11, Jessica Sanchez is back on the scene with new record deal, an upcoming role on Glee, and a full-length debut album You, Me and the Music. While Sanchez is primarily remembered for her penchant for power […]


Music News Week In Review (Feb. 2 Edition)

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a “week in review” piece, but as 2013 kicks into gear, there seems to be more of a call for it. To enhance your Saturday morning reading, here are a few of the more pithy music news headlines you might have missed during the past week.   DUDE LOOKS LIKE A (REALLY UGLY) LADY This week on American Idol, a nagging question was answered […]

world from moon

Phillip Phillips Views “The World From the Side of the Moon”

19 Recordings (2012)

Since vocalist Phillip Phillips first arrested America’s attention with his victory on American Idol Season 11, his advance single “Home” has further solidified his place in current pop culture. (You probably recognize the tune even if you don’t know who is singing it.) Now, with the release of his debut album The World From the Dark Side of the Moon, Phillips gives us an even greater taste of who he […]


Shakeup At American Idol?

The talk and speculation has been going on for awhile now—and now it seems everything is coming to a head. All at once. Yesterday, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler officially announced that he was leaving American Idol after two seasons as a judge. Today, Jennifer Lopez confirmed the swirling rumors that she, too, is stepping down, making it official during a tearful phone-in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest. And that’s […]


Music News Week in Review: May 25 Edition

It’s time for our weekly edition of Music News Week in Review, where we share those music-related headlines that might have been missed during the week, but are still worth mentioning. While lots of times we spotlight the humorous and/or ridiculous in this feature, some of this week’s entries (as you’ll see) are actually pretty significant. Here goes…   BOBBY WOMACK IS CANCER-FREE After a slew of reports about cancer-related […]