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Ray Dolby

Audio Pioneer Ray Dolby Dies at 80

Ray Dolby, a pioneer of surround sound and the man largely responsible for the quality of modern digital audio, has died in San Francisco. He was 80 years old. Dolby first got started in technology as a teenager working on the development of video recording at Ampex Corporation in Redwood City. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from Stanford, and ultimately a PhD from Cambridge University, before establishing […]


Journal Of an Audio Student: Lesson 3–Analog vs. Digital

It’s been a few months since we posted in this “Journal Of an Audio Student” series (go here, here, here and here to catch up), but as a reminder, I’ve been documenting my progress as a student of the Recording Connection Audio Institute, a mentor-apprentice course which is taken on-site in a real recording studio. I’m going through this program for my own enrichment as a DIY musician, and I’m really […]


The MIMO Interview: Producer/Engineer Tim Palmer [2012 In Review]

Continuing to review some of MIMO’s more intriguing posts from the past year…back in September, industry veteran Tim Palmer gave our writer Jonathan Trask a remarkably insightful interview, with very useful information for those folks who might be interested in the recording industry in general. Originally posted in two parts, we thought we’d repost it as a single article here for your enjoyment. –Ed.   Tim Palmer is one of those […]


Journal Of an Audio Student–Lesson Two: Acoustics

Continuing my video diary series as a student of the Recording Connection audio engineering training program…Lesson 2 dealt with acoustics, particularly as it relates to studio design. It was very interesting to take an in-depth tour of the studio, not just looking at the aesthetics of the different rooms, but also the materials used to build it. My mentor/instructor explained what materials were behind the walls to help them control […]


Journal Of an Audio Student: Lesson One

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m documenting my experiences here with this video diary as a student of the Recording Connection. While primarily an introductory thing, sitting with my mentor talking in the studio, I learned a great deal just from the first lesson, and can already see ways I can begin applying it to my own musical projects.   I’ve completed my first lesson with my mentor at […]


Journal of an Audio Student: Introduction

This post launches a new series called “Journal of an Audio Student,” a video diary by yours truly as I go through a special apprenticeship program as an audio engineering student. As a bit of introduction…while I cover topics related to DIY musicians in this column, I myself am a DIY musician—a singer/songwriter and composer. Recently, I decided to take a course in audio engineering because while I have many […]


“The Connectors”: Good News for Audio Students and Others

Here’s a tidbit for those interested in learning professional audio: if you want to learn audio engineering and music production, but can’t afford the cost of school, The Connectors may be able to scholarship you for a full, six-month apprenticeship in a real recording studio near where you live. The Connectors is a new reality television series currently in development, which is themed around connecting deserving candidates with their dream […]