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azealia banks broke with expensive taste

Azealia Banks ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ – Album Review

Azealia Banks / Prospect Park (2014)

Azealia Banks is one odd duck.  But the eccentric rapper is so unpredictably out the box that her debut album (finally!), Broke with Expensive Taste, is a breath of incredibly fresh air. After all the tweeter beefs Azealia launched in her career (Angel Haze, T.I.), fans wondered if she could even put out an album! But in the tradition of Beyoncé, Azealia surprise-released the album online without promotion (on her […]

ti iggy no mediocre

T.I. and Iggy (and Azealia Banks) Don’t Want “No Mediocre”

When it comes to women, T.I. lets it be known in his new single that he wants “No Mediocre”.  T.I.’s southern twang tossed over Brazilian steel drums sounds like butta. Only drawback, Mr. Tip’s lyrics are a bit tooo simple: “Right hand in the air, I solemnly swear / I never f**k a b**ch if she don’t do her hair”.  Sounds like something out of a kindergarten playground, instead of […]


Is Azealia Banks Destroying Her Own Career?

Named by The Guardian newspaper as the second best song of 2011, Azealia Banks’ breakthrough single, “212,” was unarguably worthy of all the plaudits – a thrilling attitude-laden, if utterly potty-mouthed, electro hip-pop banger which virtually rendered Nicki Minaj obsolete in one foul swoop. However, after threatening to become a global superstar, the 21-year-old has almost wasted all of the goodwill she built up with the track by spending the […]


What To Expect In Electronic Music in 2013

So now that 2012 has been gone over with a fine toothcomb, the attention now turns to what we can expect in the electronic/dance genres over the next twelve months. Usually a fallow period for new releases, January suggests 2013 may be a fruitful year for dance/electronica artists. Whether you’re a fan of bass wobbles or not, dubstep shows no signs of floundering with debut albums from Modestep (Evolution Theory) […]