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Pop Rewind: Cher “Believe”

Cher is one of those lasting superstars who has often been caricatured for her outgoing diva personality, her (lack of) dress and her, um, procedures. But a career spanning five decades has proven that behind all the sensationalism is a woman with an incredible amount of talent. How else can you explain a pop star whose heyday was supposedly back in the 1970s, staging not one, but two comebacks (one […]


Justin Bieber Is Growing Up on “Believe”

Island/Def Jam (2012)

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the mini-purses of bajillions of ‘tween girls opening all around the world. Justin Bieber’s Believe officially hits physical and virtual store shelves today—only to fly off of said shelves and into the libraries of countless bejeweled iphones and the car stereos of countless soccer moms. All snarky stereotyping aside, Believe is quite possibly the smartest album the Biebs (now 18) could have […]