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Grammy Recap: Beck Foils Sam Smith Awards Sweep

It was a night that bore an interesting resemblance to the Adele Grammy sweep three years ago. A relatively unknown Brit singer/songwriter breaks up with a dude, writes songs to process the pain, makes a record that sells a bajillion copies, and goes on to win top honors at the Grammy Awards. Biggest differences: the singer/songwriter in this case also happens to be a dude; and unlike Adele, this was […]

Beyonce Drunk In Love

Beyoncé Leads the Pack at 2015 Grammys

Other R&B and hip-hop artists well represented

The 2015 Grammy Awards are upon us, and guess who has been nominated more than any other artist? That’s right, Ms. “7/11” herself – Beyoncé.  She’s probably spinning, spinning, spinning with her hands up right now.  (“I know you care!”).  Or she’s just taking it in stride.  After all, Beyoncé has now become the most nominated female in the history of the awards (52 noms / 17 wins) – even […]

beyonce 711

‘7/11’ Video Promotes ‘Beyoncé’ Platinum Edition

Beyoncé is teasing us with a new song from the re-release of what history may show to be the greatest surprise release of all time—2013’s self-titled album Beyoncé.  In the new Platinum Edition box set, the “visual album” will feature the entire original track list, footage of live performances from the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, remixes, and even a couple of new songs.  “7/11” is one of those newbies, and Beyoncé‘s going […]

Beyonce Drunk In Love

Beyoncé Leads MTV Video Music Award Nominations

Iggy Azalea, Eminem not far behind

Who is taking home a moon man this August?  It’s that time of year again when MTV takes over our living rooms and mobile devices with one of the liveliest awards shows in Tinseltown, the MTV Music Video Awards!  This year, Beyoncé leads the pack with eight straight nominations including the highly coveted Video of the Year for “Drunk In Love”.  She is also up for Best Female and Best […]

michelle williams say yes

Michelle Williams’ “Say Yes” Reunites Destiny’s Child

Michelle Williams’ latest single “Say Yes” (from her upcoming album Journey to Freedom) is an airy, inspiring ode to Jesus green-lighting your whole life.  Not only does it uplift the listener’s spirits, it reunites one of the greatest girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child.  In support of their sister, Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé Knowles join Michelle on her latest single, all of them claiming their authority in Christ by […]

Beyonce Jay Z On the Run Tour

Jay Z And Beyoncé “On The Run” Summer Tour

Not only are Jay Z and Beyoncé on the run from scandalous headlines (Solange elevator brawl, anyone?) but they are “On The Run” with their first mega mash-up tour launching June 25th in Miami.  The 16-city national tour will hit the majors; Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Houston and San Francisco. The Internet basically exploded when tickets went on sale.  Pre-order sales were so high in California that the multi-million […]

Beyonce Drunk In Love

New Beyoncé Album Sees 240,000 Illegal Downloads (Analysis)

Are streaming services solving the piracy problem?

Just because music piracy is talked about a little less these days, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still an issue. According to Musicmetric, as reported by Billboard, Beyoncé’s new self-titled album has been illegally downloaded approximately 240,000 times. The release of this “visual album” also sparked renewed interest in the other albums in Beyoncé’s catalog, which also saw increased numbers of illegal downloads recently. Paid sales of Beyoncé have still […]

The 20/20 Experience Complete Experience

The Five Most Notable Musical Artists of 2013

In my first installment of 2013 end-of-year lists, I talked about five musical artists whom I felt were overrated in comparison to the media acclaim they received. This week, as promised, my second installment names five musical artists who definitely deserved the attention they got this year. Here’s my list of the top five most notable artists of 2013. See if you agree.   5.  Arcade Fire This alternative act […]

Beyonce Drunk In Love

Beyoncé’s Stroke of Genius Pays Off

Self-titled surprise release breaks sales records

Last week, as you may recall, R&B star Beyoncé took a huge gamble by issuing a surprise, release of her self-titled album, effectively bypassing the media outlets completely by announcing no release dates and releasing no singles—no advance promotion or marketing whatsoever. She sweetened the pot further by including a complete music video package with the album—a music video for each track, plus three additional videos. A year-and-a-half’s worth of […]

Beyonce self-titled album

Surprise! Beyoncé Drops New “Visual Album” Without Warning

Wow. Way to keep things under wraps, Bey. This morning at around midnight, pop/R&B megastar Beyoncé set the music industry and the Internet ablaze with news of a surprise, self-titled album release—proving that even in the age of instant information, leaks are preventable, and that sometimes the best press strategy is no press at all. And this is not just any album. In what Bey is calling a “visual album,” […]


Music News Week In Review: Feb. 23 Edition

Put on your slippers, grab a cup of coffee and a bagel or something, and sit right down. With all the music news to talk about this week, here are a few interesting headlines you might have missed. And now you won’t, thanks to us.   BLINK-182 DRUMMER WON’T GET ON THE PLANE FOR AUSSIE TOUR Travis Barker, drummer for punk act blink-182, informed his bandmates this week that they […]


Destiny Fulfilled: Destiny’s Child Loveliest Songs

One of the biggest stories coming from the Superbowl was the major blackout after the halftime show. The lights went dim for close to half an hour and everyone flocked to Facebook/Twitter to give their witty opinions on the matter. One of the biggest reasons why people thought the power went out? Because Beyoncé and her halftime extravaganza sapped all the power out of the stadium. I tend to think […]


Love & Soul: Upcoming R&B Projects You Should Know About

2012 was kind of a down year for R&B. Frank Ocean and Miguel may have presented most of the best music the genre had to offer, but they didn’t have much help from their melodic peers. Now that 2013 is here, we’ve already heard some glimmers of hope. Thank God that Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake entered people’s timeline’s and iTunes libraries with new music. Now that the R&B year […]


Music News Week In Review (Feb. 2 Edition)

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a “week in review” piece, but as 2013 kicks into gear, there seems to be more of a call for it. To enhance your Saturday morning reading, here are a few of the more pithy music news headlines you might have missed during the past week.   DUDE LOOKS LIKE A (REALLY UGLY) LADY This week on American Idol, a nagging question was answered […]


To Lip Sync or Not to Lip Sync? Beyoncé’s Lip Service to the President

(Sigh) It’s happening again. Another popular vocalist stirring up controversy for lip syncing. This time at the Presidential Inauguration. So reportedly, during Beyoncé’s moving rendition of the National Anthem—her first public vocal performance since giving birth to Blue Ivy—she wasn’t really singing. Or maybe she was, only the mic wasn’t on. I don’t always know how these things work. But whatever it was—what we heard coming over the speakers might […]