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Blondie Call Me

Rock Rewind: Blondie “Call Me”

Depending on who you ask, there are basically two songs in Blondie’s catalog which could be considered their “signature hit.” The first is “Heart of Glass,” which we featured in a previous rewind. The other is “Call Me,” which hit the airwaves in 1980. Interestingly enough, both hits were something of an anomaly for the band. While “Heart of Glass” came under fire as too much of a disco hit […]


Pop Rewind: Blondie “Heart Of Glass”

Here in the twenty-teens, it’s easy to look back and view the disco craze of the 1970s as an anomaly, a musical style unto itself that lived a short but interesting life. But 1979’s “Heart of Glass,” put out by punk/New Wave outfit Blondie, serves as a reminder that even back then there was bleedover between genres—sometimes more than people thought was appropriate. When “Heart of Glass” came out, it […]


Music News Week in Review: June 16 Edition

As you crawl out of bed on a Saturday morning, wipe your sleepy eyes, grab that first cup of coffee, and sit down to scan the Internet, what’s the first thing you want to see? Of course, it’s a collection of music news headlines that you might have missed during the week! We know this to be true, and that’s why we create this special Music News Week in Review […]