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Marvel To Release A New Short Film Titled ‘All Hail The King’

Marvel has a habit of releasing short films that to serve as proof of concept pieces for their characters. They filmed one for Agent Coulson, which turned into the Agents of Shield television series, they filmed one for Peggy Carter, which looks like it’s going to be a spring board for a tv show as well, and now they’re about to release another short titled ‘All Hail The King’. The […]


Thor: The Dark World (Film Review)

I’ll be blunt. Thor The Dark World is a mixed bag. A supremely mixed bag. It’s a film that feels rushed at almost every turn. It has some interesting moments and some pseudo-great ideas but ultimately fails to succeed on any real level. Thor The Dark World has many many many problems. The chief of which is that it hand-holds the audience too much. From the terrible opening scene where […]


Malekith Awakens In This Latest Clip From Thor 2

  Thor: The Dark World is right around the corner. As such, Marvel is rolling out new publicity campaigns. This latest clip, detailing the villainous Malekith, showcases some quick moments. In all honesty, it doesn’t really inspire all that much confidence. Why is everything covered in Predator text? This clip is so out of context, it almost makes me want to see the film even less. Maybe you’ll think differently. […]

Two men enter! One Man Leaves!

Hollywood Family Thunderdome

Hollywood seems to be dominated by famous familial dynasties. From John Huston and his children Angelica Huston and Danny Huston to Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas to the Smith/Pinkett-Smith children cadre. Being born into fame and stardom isn’t a guarantee that it will stick, but it’s definitely a good way to start your career. In the 90’s there was only one true Hollywood family that appeared in every film made […]


Joss Whedon Fixed ‘Thor: The Dark World’

Joss Whedon is the patriarch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s the big poppa. Whenever there’s a problem with a script Whedon swoops in, fixes it and goes back to doing whatever he was doing before, which was probably putting out some other creative fire. Whedon did this for Captain American: The First Avenger and he just recently did it on Thor 2 aka Thor: The Dark World. Thor: The […]


Marvel Studios Isn’t Finished With Loki

I just got back from San Diego International Comic Con and to say that I observed a few Loki cosplayers is quite an understatement. In fact, every convention I go to has countless Lokis. Aside from the rare Kid Loki or Female Loki from Stzinky’s run they’re usually Movie Loki. Marvel Studios has observed this fact and are acting accordingly. Even going so far as to bring Tom Hiddleston out […]