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Katy B Little Red

The Top 20 Dance/Electronica Albums of 2014 (#10-6)

Continuing our countdown of the best full-length dance/electronica releases of 2014 (20-16 is here, 15-11 here), let’s take a look at numbers 10-6.   10) Neneh Cherry – Blank Project Produced by IDM maverick Four Tet, Neneh Cherry’s fourth studio effort, and first in 18 years, was a refreshingly raw, urgent and uncompromising blend of trip-hop, jazz-rock and glitchy electronica which proved that despite approaching her 50th birthday, the “Buffalo […]

Phantogram Voices

The Top 20 Dance/Electronica Albums of 2014 (#15-11)

We’re counting down the best dance/electronica albums of 2014. (Nos. 20-16 are here.) Let’s pick up the countdown at Number 15. 15) SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land Largely abandoning the future-garage sound that dominated his zeitgeist-shaping debut, Wonder Where We Land proved once again that SBTRKT’s intrigue lies far beyond his signature tribal mask thanks to an eclectic mix of electro-soul, hip-hop and new wave pop, not to mention […]

will.i.am willpower

Worst of 2013: The Electronica/Dance Hall of Shame

After celebrating the best that 2013 has had to offer, here’s a look at five of the worst/dance electronica albums to have been inflicted upon the unsuspecting public over the last twelve months. will.i.am – #willpower Not content with dragging hip-hop down to its lowest common denominator level with the Black Eyed Peas, the creatively bankrupt will.i.am then did the same to dance music with a moronic canon of ringtones […]

EMF Unbelievable

Rock Rewind: EMF “Unbelievable”

The signature guitar riff and dance rhythm of  “Unbelievable” are an indelible part of pop culture today, and as often as it has been played in films, video games, sporting events and the like, the average American can recognize it instantly. But fewer can identify who made the song famous. British alternative dance-rock band EMF were by all accounts a one-hit wonder here in the U.S. (although they fared better […]


Top 40 Electronic/Dance Singles of 2012 (Part 4: 10-1)

To complete my countdown of the best electronic/dance singles of the year (No.40-31 is here, No.30-21 is here, No.20-11 is here) – let’s pick up at number 10.   10) Azari & III – “Reckless With Your Love” In a year when retro house anthems were all the rage, it was an outfit from Canada, a part of the world not usually renowned for its thriving club scene, who produced […]


Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2012 – (20-16)

With guitar bands continually struggling to make any impact at all, the electronica/dance scene produced some of the most interesting and innovative albums of the year. Proving just how diverse 2012 has been, this list of the Top 20 best long-players includes everyone from piano-rock royalty to Eurovision Song Contest winners to experimental neo-classical composers. Here’s a look at numbers 20-16. 20) Peaking Lights – Lucifer Despite its devilish title, […]


Shiny Toy Guns “III”: Album Review

Five Seven Music (2012)

Since electro/dance/rock outfit Shiny Toy Guns first gained worldwide renown with their debut We Are Pilots in 2005, the road has been rocky, to say the least: burnout, imploding relationships, and a rather confusing venture away from their signature sound for their sophomore album. Even the release of their new album III has been plagued by so many false release dates that it is easy to lose count. Now, finally, […]