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Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros to Part Ways

Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures have had a successful 8 year run. They’ve put together the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Hangover Trilogy, Inception, Watchmen, Due Date, and other films that grossed a lot of money but people didn’t really like. The Warners/Legendary partnership has generated over 8 billion in sales. Reports indicate that Legendary is moving quickly. They’re shooting to have a new studio partnership set up before the 4th […]


Kevin Smith Reviews Man of Steel

Kevin Smith is many things. A podcaster, comic book writer, film director, and a massive nerd. Kevin Smith has stepped away from directing a little while ago to concentrate on his podcasting efforts. Initially, this was something that I wasn’t so keen on. I like Smiths work. I’d much rather watch him direct more movies that listen to him ramble on about meaningless everyday minua. Well, I was wrong. If […]


Listen To The Entire Man Of Steel Score

I’ll admit it. I was a neighsayer. I was a sayer of neigh. I didn’t think a Superman movie would feel right without John Williams iconic score. But that’s also before it was announced that Hans Zimmer would be scoring the Superman Reboot. I’m sold. Well, that is to say, I’m sold on the music. It’s quite impressive. It captures the essence of Superman without actually using a not of […]