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Depeche Mode “Delta Machine” — Album Review

Columbia (2013)

Despite colossal album sales of over 100 million and a stadium-sized live following perhaps only bettered by U2 and Coldplay, Depeche Mode still have a reputation as unsung heroes. Of course, they’ve had the occasional blockbuster moment (the Violator album in particular), but on the whole, their pioneering electro has always sounded a little too ahead of the curve to truly fit in with what’s going on in the mainstream. […]


Rock Rewind: Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus”

For many, Depeche Mode epitomizes the sound of 80’s New Wave/electronica—for a great many, it would appear. With over 100 million units sold career-wide, this band is the best-selling electronic music act in history. While the song below, “Personal Jesus,” (off their album Violator) is not officially the biggest hit in their career (“People Are People” and “Enjoy the Silence” both charted higher), the remastering of this tune for their […]


Pop Rewind: Depeche Mode “Enjoy the Silence”

Once called “the quintessential Eighties techno-pop band” by Rolling Stone, Depeche Mode has definitely been one of the most successful New Wave bands ever, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide. First appearing on the album Violator (1990), “Enjoy the Silence,” recorded ten years into Depeche Mode’s career, has ended up being one of their most memorable and most played songs to date, along with another single on the album, […]