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Polly Stenham Hired To Write ”All-Female Horror Movie” Titled ‘I Walk With The Dead’ For Nicolas Winding Refn

Nicolas Winding Refn is currently attached to a few projects, none of which are moving along at light speed. He’s attached to a psudeo-prequel to Valhalla Rising titled The Avenging Silence, a Barbarella television adaptation, and he was attached to the Logan’s Run remake, but that just fell apart. For some time now Winding Refn has talked about making an ‘all-female horror’ film that contains ‘lots of sex’. The film’s […]


Has Nicolas Winding Refn Lost His Magic Touch?

  Nicolas Winding Refn has been riding high these last few years. Some have proclaimed him the new Hollywood Goldenboy. Refn’s films span the genre gamet from crime to viking to atmospheric David Lynch homage. After delivering his breakthrough film Drive starring Ryan Gosling, Refn’s latest Only God Forgives has been a highly anticipated film on most cinephiles watch lists . However, the film which premiered at Cannes this past […]


Rock Rewind: The Cars “Drive”

One of the poster-child bands of America’s venture into New Wave, The Cars were recognized as a sort of transitional band as rock music shifted from the guitar driven songs of the late 1970’s into 80’s synth-heavy pop. Their biggest charting hit “Drive” (often called by the first line of the song, “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight”), leaned toward the completion of that transition. Dripping with synths overlaid on […]