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Skrillex Recess

Skrillex “Recess” – Album Review

OWSLA (2014)

Since reinventing himself as a hipster-haired master of brostep, Skrillex has been adopted as a hero by the fratboy festival crowd, worked with everyone from psychedelic rock gods The Doors to French DJ crew Birdy Nam Nam and won an astonishing six Grammy Awards, all without the aid of a proper full-length studio effort. Seven years after leaving post-hardcore outfit From First To Last to pursue a solo career, the […]

Katy B Little Red

Katy B “Little Red” – Album Review

Sony (2014)

One of the few viable pop stars to emerge from the dubstep scene, Katy B appealed to both clubbers and homebodies alike with a strikingly self-assured debut pitched perfectly between the charts and the London club scene. But no longer the teenage party girl, her second studio effort, Little Red, is a much more introspective affair which largely abandons her bass-heavy roots in favour of a shimmering electro sound, bringing […]

Flux Pavilion Freeway

Flux Pavilion “Freeway” – EP Review

Circus Records (2013)

Hailed as the UK’s answer to Skrillex, dubstep producer Joshua Steele, aka Flux Pavilion, has been sampled on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne, worked with the likes of Childish Gambino, Major Lazer and Example and been featured on the soundtracks to everything from Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby to the viral Kony 2012 campaign, all without the aid of a proper studio album. Nine months on from the […]


Introducing: Jakwob

On paper, James Edward Jacob’s claims that he’s inspired by styles as diverse as jazz, death metal and folk could appear to be a sound bite designed to make his brand of dubstep appear more interesting than it actually is. But while there’s little in the way of throat-busting screams to be found in the array of tracks released under his Jakwob pseudonym, the 23-year-old is one of the scene’s […]


Introducing: Maya Jane Coles

Recently voted one of the world’s most influential DJs by Rolling Stone, described by Mixmag as the “Queen of the Underground” and championed by everyone from Damon Albarn to Massive Attack, 25-year-old Maya Jane Coles has already garnered the kind of acclaim most of her peers can only dream about even before she’s released a full-length album. The British-Japanese all-rounder, who not only writes, produces and mixes her own material […]


James Blake “Overgrown” – Album Review

Polydor (2013)

With a fondness for space the size of the Grand Canyon, James Blake was held up as the dubstep genre’s antidote to Skrillex when his self-titled debut album became the hipster LP of choice back in 2011. But the 24-year-old Londoner’s avoidance of anything resembling a tangible melody also drew criticisms that his success was an undeniable case of style over substance. Lead single “Retrograde,” a ghostly slow-jam which recalls […]


Introducing: Monsta

Signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA label and featuring three failed pop stars, Formed in 2010, keyboardist Rufio Sandilands and drummer Rocky Morris had already worked together in flop Level 42-esque band Palladium, a retro funk-pop outfit inspired by the guilty pleasures of the 80s who were far more about the guilty than the pleasure, and as part of a jazz fusion group alongside acclaimed soulman Michael Kiwunaka. But it was only […]


Modestep “Evolution Theory” – Album Review

A&M Records (2013)

Hoping to take dubstep to the same metal masses as the now defunct Pendulum did with drum ‘n’ bass, London quartet Modestep make Skrillex appear like a shrinking violet on their adrenaline-charged debut album, Evolution Theory. Any concept of subtlety may have been thrown out of the window, but packed to the rafters with gargantuan bass wobbles, splurging synths and brutal industrial beats, this record’s fifteen tracks are indeed just […]


Why Dubstep Will Go the Way of the Dinosaur. And Disco. [2012 In Review]

As we look forward to a (hopefully) great year of music in 2012, and as MIMO approaches its one-year anniversary next month, we thought it would be cool to review some of our more intriguing, interesting, controversial or just plain good stories of 2012. Let’s begin with a few interesting observations from David Tillman about his views of dubstep. Enjoy! –Ed Okay, so I’m likely to get some angry comments […]


DJ Fresh “Nextlevelism”: Album Review

Ministry of Sound (2012)

The founding member of the Breakbeat Kaos label and the influential Dogs on Acid website, as well as one third of supergroup Bad Company, Daniel Stein, aka DJ Fresh, had been an instrumental figure on the underground drum & bass scene for the best part of a decade. But following the slow-burning success of 2010’s hyper Santogold-esque single, “Gold Dust,” Fresh has become almost as ubiquitous as David Guetta. Now, […]


Muse “The 2nd Law”: Do Nothing Small

Warner (2012)

When it first became known that progressive rock band Muse was incorporating dubstep, of all things, into their new release The 2nd Law, you could almost sense the global assembling of the critics at the starting gate, hovering like so many hyenas and vultures, ready to pick the album apart the second the advance copies came out. After all, with dubstep now as intensely popular in the EDM scene as […]


Introducing: Seasfire

Hailing from the same city that produced the trip-hop elite of Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky, Bristolian four-piece Seasfire’s blend of textured electronica and downbeat melodies appears just as tailor-made for the 4-am post-party comedown as their nocturnal predecessors. Formed whilst at school/college, the quartet’s fondness for swapping mix-tapes and DJing at each other’s parties eventually resulted in them buying a bunch of broken computers and second-hand studio equipment, where […]


Why Dubstep Will Go the Way of the Dinosaur. And Disco.

Okay, so I’m likely to get some angry comments from this one—but I can take it. As popular as the musical style dubstep has become recently, I’m going out on a limb with a prediction that in the not-too-distant future, it will become a distant memory. Much like dinosaurs and disco music. Before you rail me for being a hater, let me state that I’m not making a judgment, but […]


Introducing: Jess Mills

There’s been much made over the fact that Jess Mills, the daughter of Labour Member of Parliament Tessa Jowell, has embraced the world of dubstep, drum n’ bass and trip-hop with such style. As if it’s unfathomable that anyone associated with the world of politics could possibly have anything in common with a sound synonymous with pirate radio stations and London council estates. Not that the 30-year-old should have to […]


Muse Goes All Dubstep On You With “Unsustainable” Single

It seems like the dubstep craze is drifting well beyond EDM these days, the heavy drum and wobble-bass making “guest appearances” everywhere from bubblegum Bieber-pop to the R&B stylings of Chris Brown. And now rock band Muse has gotten in on the action with their latest track “Unsustainable” from their upcoming album The 2nd Law. Given Muse’s propensity toward electronic elements, a bit of dubstep wouldn’t be entirely out of […]

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