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Dido “Girl Who Got Away” – Album Review

Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited (2013)

Let no one say that Dido hasn’t found a niche in the electronic pop market. When you listen to a Dido song, you pretty much know what to expect: understated, melancholy, sleepy vocals set over a mid-tempo or down-tempo blend of electronic (and occasionally acoustic) instruments. Somewhere between Enya (without the effected voice and Celtic vibe) and Ellie Goulding (with a bad cold and a hefty dose of Ny-Quil). I’m […]

Up-and-Comers: Owl Eyes

While her music is just starting to get on the radar of indie-pop fans here in the U.S., Melbourne-based Owl Eyes (a.k.a. Brooke Addamo) has been building a solid following in her home country of Australia for the past couple of years. While her earlier tunes have a sparse, alt-pop feel to them, this year her music seems to be taking a turn toward electro-pop, and it’s a shift that […]

Owl City Misses the Mark on “The Midsummer Station”

Universal Republic (2012)

The Midsummer Station, the latest from electronic pop artist Adam Young (aka Owl City), leaves such a forgettable impression that it makes me think Young should have skipped this “station” completely. When Owl City’s breakout hit “Fireflies” hit the airwaves in 2009, part of the appeal was the fact that Young was writing and recording all his stuff alone in his basement. Not only was the song incredibly catchy, but […]

Introducing: Bright Light Bright Light

There aren’t many singer-songwriters who would confess to being just as much inspired by Ace Of Base, Black Box and Bizarre Inc. as the usual suspects Kate Bush, David Bowie and Bjork. But then Welshman Bright Light Bright Light isn’t your typical singer-songwriter. Initially recording under his own name, Rod Thomas began his musical career as a one-man-band troubadour, first as a busker on the London Underground and then as […]

Introducing: Jess Mills

There’s been much made over the fact that Jess Mills, the daughter of Labour Member of Parliament Tessa Jowell, has embraced the world of dubstep, drum n’ bass and trip-hop with such style. As if it’s unfathomable that anyone associated with the world of politics could possibly have anything in common with a sound synonymous with pirate radio stations and London council estates. Not that the 30-year-old should have to […]

Up-And-Comers: Passion Pit

A few years ago in Massachusetts, a guy named Michael Angelekos recorded a few songs on his laptop to impress his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Little did he know then that his musical ideas would evolve into a five-piece electropop outfit called Passion Pit, or that they’d be play the Glastonbury Festival, or tour with Muse, or that their songs would get placed on the CW’s Gossip Girl and the […]

Hot Chip Lets Us Into Their Heads

Domino (2012)

For over a decade, British electronic synth-pop band Hot Chip has flirted with the edges of big-time success. Part of it, in my opinion, is that while they appear to be genuinely talented, they haven’t been too good at first impressions. Chalk it up to their collective off-beat sense of humor, perhaps, but between their occasional cartoonish mixes and the unfortunate imagery of videos like “I Feel Better,” it’s been […]

Gotye: One-Hit Wonder, or Force to Be Reckoned With?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you’ve heard Gotye’s hit, “Somebody that I Used to Know”—that sparse-sounding, walking-rhythmic breakup song featuring New Zealand vocalist Kimbra. It’s currently topping radio and download charts, and is becoming a re-mix favorite for DJs everywhere. (Coachella fans reportedly got to hear numerous versions of “Somebody” between sets, in addition to Gotye’s own appearance there.) So who is this Gotye guy, whom no […]