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Jimmy Eat World “Damage” –Album Review

RCA (2013)

There’s a double-edged sword associated with being a band that winds up capturing the emotion and angst of a particular generation.  How many high schoolers in the early 2000s cite powerpop act Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American as part of their life soundtrack? (Answer: it’s a lot.) From one standpoint, it’s the best measure of success for a band, because it not only gives them plenty of exposure and helps […]


30 Seconds To Mars “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS”: Album Review

Virgin Records (2013)

There’s a pitfall associated with lots of hype and big buildups: if you hype something up, you had better deliver, or you won’t be taken seriously next time. 30 Seconds To Mars, the brainchild of actor Jared Leto, has never shied away from the grandiose or from claims of its own epic-ness, billing itself as more movement than band, and drawing a fiercely loyal fan base around its own messiah […]


Paramore to Unveil Fourth Album Over Four Nights This Week

For fans who have been waiting a long time for the new, self-titled album by alternative/emo rock band Paramore, the wait is almost over—but not without a bit of hoopla preceding it. While Paramore is not due to drop until April 9, the band has announced that they will be premiering the new record over the next four nights (April 1-4) on their website, paramore.net. Titled “Four Sides/Four Nights” (indicating […]


Circa Survive Self-Releases New Album “Violent Waves”

Self-released (2012)

In a defiant maneuver that offers a solid “screw-you” gesture to the industry bigwigs, emo alt-rockers Circa Survive have chosen to go truly indie, delivering their fourth studio effort Violent Waves on August 28 as a self-released project, and marketing it directly to their fans. According to the band’s website, Violent Waves has been completely funded and produced by the band, and will be available to fans for as little […]