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JJ Cale

“After Midnight” Songwriter JJ Cale Dies at 74

JJ Cale, the singer-songwriter who penned such hits as “After Midnight,” “Call Me the Breeze” and “Cocaine,” died Friday in a La Jolla, CA hospital after suffering a heart attack. He was 74. Born in Oklahoma City in 1938 and raised in Tulsa, as a young musician Cale was part of a group of musicians who were instrumental in developing what is known as the “Tulsa Sound,” a blending of […]


Eric Clapton Is an “Old Sock”, But That’s Not a Bad Thing

Bushbranch/Surfdog Records (2013)

When you’ve had a long string of success like guitarist icon Eric Clapton, there comes a point when reviews and album critiques are ludicrous. Why? Because the artist no longer has anything to prove. He can pretty much do what he likes. That’s really the vibe I get from Clapton’s 21st studio recording Old Sock. It’s not a phone-in by any means (you don’t get to be a rock icon […]


Rock Rewind: Eric Clapton “Tears In Heaven”

Often the most poignant, far-reaching songs come out of moments of grief and pain. Never could this be more true than with Eric Clapton’s “Tears In Heaven.” With Clapton’s recent announcement that he would retire at age 70 and the news of his upcoming new studio record, it seemed a good time to pull this one from the vault, as it were. Clapton, the only artist thus far to be […]


Only About Three More Years to Catch Eric Clapton On Tour

Next month, rock icon Eric Clapton will release his twenty-first solo record, entitled Old Sock (not a self-deprecating reference, but a term of endearment reportedly given him by fellow icon David Bowie recently). Clapton will follow up the release with a spring tour in March and April (tour dates below). But as it turns out, if you want to catch Clapton on tour, you better plan for it soon, because […]