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Bruce Campbell Auditions For All Your Favorite Movies

Bruce Campbell is one of the most successful B-movie actors of all time. With films like Maniac Cop, Bubba Ho-Tep, Escape from Los Angeles, Evil Dead, and The Army of Darkness, he’s cemented himself as one of Hollywood’s most famous not-quite-stars. There are some pretty infamous stories about Campbell auditioning and narrowly missing getting some pretty iconic roles like Agent Dogget in the X-Files. Well, now you can see a […]


Evil Dead 2 Not Happening?

It wasn’t that long ago, March to be precise, that Fede Alvarez was on record saying that he was still co-writing and directing the sequel to his successful remake/reboot/re-imagining of Sam Raimi’s classic Evil Dead. Apparently that’s changed. Now, according to co-writer Rodo Sayagues, they’re both off the project. Rodo said: “Look, I am sorry to tell you this but that movie won’t happen. Evil Dead 2 is not going […]


Bruce Campbell Talks ‘Army of Darkness 2′

A sequel to Army of Darkness is something that most horror fans have been waiting to see for a long time. Somewhere around twenty-two years. The third film in Sam Raimi’s much beloved ‘Evil Dead’ trilogy, Army of Darkness ends on a little bit of a cliffhanger. Spoilers? You’ve had twenty something years to see the movie. We’re going ahead with it. Recently, Raimi, Fede Alvarez, and Campbell made a […]


New Top Secret Scifi Project Coming from Fede Alvarez

Fede Alvarez, the director of the not-as-terrible-as-everyone-expected Evil Dead, has just sold a top secret science fiction project to MRC. The jury still seems to be out on whether or not people feel that he did a good job with Evil Dead. I thought that it wasn’t great but I enjoyed the cartoony aspects of the narrative symbolism. Well, Alvarez has sold a project to MRC that he’ll be co-writing […]


Army of Darkness (Film Review)

The title for Sam Raimi’s third entry into the Evil Dead Trilogy was, rather aptly, initially titled Bruce Campbell Vs The Army of Darkness. The film is a wall to wall camp fest encapsulating everything that made Raimi’s freshman and sophomore episodes so engaging. Unlike The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, the Army of Darkness is takes our lovable hero, Ashley J Williams and catapults him […]


Poltergeist Reboot To Be A Sequel/Reboot Much Like Evil Dead

Well, it looks like the remake of the legendary film Poltergeist is finally gaining some traction. Hot off the success of The Evil Dead, Raimi is pushing for the Poltergeist 4: The Totally Still In Continuity Jumping On Point to be a sequel/reboot, much like his The Evil Dead. Here’s the original plot synopsis for the  remake: “the new version follows Eric Bowen and his family who, after he loses […]


Nightmare City or City of the Walking Dead (Film Review)

    Zombies are played out. Plain and simple.   Whenever I meet someone and they tell me they’re working on a zombie project I groan. Zombies are over. They’re done. Leave them alone. Maybe in twenty years there will be a fresh perspective on them, but for right now they’re played out.   That being said, I love zombie movies. Love them. I love the Romero ones, the Lucio […]


Maniac Cop (Film Review)

    Trying to find a cult movie with good production value is like attempting to find a cute girl at a D & D game. They exist, and thanks to the Internet they’re easier to find, but they’re still extremely rare.   Maniac Cop is that girl. She laughs at your Bag of holding jokes. She thinks your crusty Amazing Joy Buzzards shirt is cool. But most of all […]