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Josh Trank To Direct Solo Star Wars Film

The Disney movie making machine is gearing up to release a Star Wars movie a year. At this point, Episode VII is in production and a spin off film has been announced with Gareth Evans has been announced. We don’t know what what the film will be, but we know that Evans is attached to direct. Today we’ve found out who is directing another Star Wars film. Josh Trank, director […]


Chris Evans Can’t Wait For Michael B Jordan To Take On The Human Tourch

The Human Torch is arguably the role that put Chris Evans on the map. It propelled him from pretty boy actor with some memorably roles to a leading man. Strangely, Michael B Jordan is in a similar boat. He’s had some memorably performances and he’s been around for a while, but he’s not a house hold name. Granted after the new Fantastic Four film, he will be. Chris Evans recently […]

Fantastic Four pose

Documentary ‘Doomed’ To Explore Roger Corman’s Unreleased ‘Fantastic Four’

Roger Corman is one of the most well-known B-movie producer/directors of all time. He’s made horror movies, science fiction movies, westerns, thrillers, and everything in between. One film that not too many people know about is the adaptation of the ‘Fantastic Four’ that he produced. Well, now an independent filmmaker is shining a light on Corman’s unreleased comic book opus. The documentary Doomed chronicles everything there is to know about […]


Simon Kinberg Will Be Rewriting Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’

Josh Trank’s sophomore entry into the directorial arena is currently set to be a remake of the Fantastic Four. Currently, things have been pretty quite about the franchise reboot. However, today Fox franchise writer Simon Kinberg has been brought on to do a ‘substantial overhaul’ on the film. Kinberg wrote X3 and co-wrote X-men: Days of Future Past for Fox. He’s also a producer on Star Wars Episode VII and […]


Fear of a Black Johnny Storm

The internet has been buzzing with the prospect of a Michael B Jordan taking on the iconic role of Johnny Storm in the new Josh Trank helmed Fantastic Four reboot. Many feel that Jordan should not be considered to play the role based on his skin color. These people are idiots. If Jordan is cast in the reboot he would suit the character perfectly. He’s boyish, charming, and charismatic just […]


The Fantastic Four (Film Review)

Fantastic Four   I love the Fantastic Four. I’m sure you do too. Everybody knows Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny, the intrepid scientist family who venture into outer space only to be mutated by cosmic rays and gifted with powers. Then becoming Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing and The Human Torch. Thus, The Fantastic Four.   Growing up in comic book stores and movie rental establishments, everybody always […]