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Top 40 Dance/Electronica Singles of 2015 (#30-21)

Continuing our countdown of the best dance/electronica singles of the year (No. 40-31 is here), let’s pick up at number 30. 30) Nick Brewer – “Talk To Me” Okay, so Crystal Waters’ “Gypsy Woman” might not be the most original of sample choices, but in a year swamped by reworkings of ‘90s club classics, this hip-house anthem was easily the most joyous. 29) FKA twigs – “In Time” The standout […]

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The Top 20 Dance/Electronica Albums of 2014 (5-1)

Finishing up our countdown of the best full-length dance/electronica releases of the past year (20-16 is here, 15-11 here, 10-6 here), here are the Top 5. 05) The Acid – Liminal Teaming up with Grammy nominated British producer Adam Freeland and Drake collaborator Steve Nalepa, Australian troubadour Ry X dropped the introspective folk for fragmented dubstep on this intriguing record under the guise of The Acid. A curveball it may be, […]

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MIMO Top 40 Dance/Electronica Singles of 2014 (15-11)

We’re counting down the best dance/electronica singles of 2014 (40-36 here, 35-31 here, 30-26 here, 25-21 here, 20-16 here). We’ll pick it up now at number 15. 15) Jungle – “Busy Earnin’” Surely the slinkiest reflection on the credit crunch ever recorded, enigmatic electro-soul duo Jungle lived up to all their early hype with an impossibly infectious blend of chirruping brass hooks and falsetto-led melodies that could have been mistaken […]

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FKA Twigs “LP1” – Album Review

Young Turks (2014)

Following in the footsteps of J-Lo, 26-year-old Tahlia Barnett, aka FKA Twigs, has made the move from backing dancer to pop star appear effortless. However, as evident by her simply-titled debut album, LP1, the artist named after the way her joints crack is a much more intriguing proposition than either Ms. Lopez or Jessie J (the showboating diva behind whom she performed in the videos for “Do It Like A […]