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There’s A New Jim Gordon In Town

We all know that Fox is prepping a new DC Comics based television show which will chronicle the early years of Commissioner Gordon and the Batman Rouge’s Gallery. We’ve been hearing rumors for a good while now of who will step into the trench coat and watch over Gotham while Batman grows up. And now we have a definitive answer: Ben McKenzie. That’s right the star of the cop drama […]


Fox Is Going To Make A Magic: The Gathering Feature Film

Fourteen year old me is super excited about a Magic: The Gathering movie. Twenty-six year old me? Eh. Not as much. Due to the current deluge of IP themed movie properties it’s hard to really get excited about any of them. They all just blend together. Sure, Magic has a rich and complex story fabric from which many interesting stories could be pulled, but the chances of something more along […]


Check Out The First 8 Minutes of ‘Almost Human’

The new JJ Abrams and JH Wyman show ‘Almost Human’ is on the air and, as such, Fox is trying to drum up support and create a fan base for the new show. The show takes place in the future and centers on a cop who doesn’t like robots but who is paired with a robot partner. Cue the hilarity and racial allegory. The show stars Bones aka Dredd aka […]


No, It’s Really Good: Predators (Film Review)

The Alien and Predator have undergone some very extreme ups and downs. From studio mismanagement to financial disaster these two franchises have experience just about every snag known to Hollywood. From the brilliance of the initial entries into the series, to the disappointing Predator 2, the so good it’s almost unbelievable Aliens, the jumbled mess that is Aliens 3,and  the complete and utter train wreck  that is Aliens: Resurrection. After […]


20th Century Is Going To Open A Theme Park

Here’s an odd tidbit of news today, 20th Century Fox is getting into the theme park game. They’re planning to open a theme park based on some of their more lucrative franchises. Rides centering on Predator, Alien, Life of Pi, and  Night at the Museum are currently in the planning stages. Fox is planning on erecting this venture on a 25 acre plot of land that they currently own. The […]


Fox To Make Predator Announcement At Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is one of the centerpieces of nerd culture. It is a place to celebrate all of the things that you love about movies, comics, and video games. It’s also a place where massive corporations market their upcoming products to their supposedly core demographic. Fox has a few surprises on their slat this year. They’re going to be announcing an X-Force movie and now we’re hearing rumblings […]


Fox Looking To Develop An X-Force Movie?

Fox has taken note of the success that Marvel’s achieved with their shared universe of films. They’re obviously looking to capitalize on some of the movie that’s to be made on interlocking superhero films. With X-men: Days of Future Past bringing back most of the cast from most of the pervious X-films people are beginning to wonder what the next step for Fox’s merry mutants is. X-menfilms.com has noticed that […]