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Check Out This Footage From The Unproduced American Gatchaman Animated Film

  Imagi, the animation studio that brought you the last animated TMNT film, closed in 2010. Before it closed Imagi had been hard at work on a new Americanized animated version of the classic Japanese Anime Gatchaman or as it was known stateside in the 70’s Battle of the Planets or G-F0rce. Here’s an animatic for the film.   Here’s a rough ‘trailer’ for the unfinished feature. And then here’s […]

Gatchaman live action teaser2

Gatchaman Finally Adapted Into Film

For those who love classic Anime this may or may not be a good thing. Gatchaman or Battle of the Planets as it was released over here is getting the feature film treatment in Japan. Thankfully the trailer looks better than recent Japanese live action reboots. The film is being produced by Toho and looks visually stunning.