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David Bowie

Music Icon David Bowie Dead at 69

David Bowie, arguably one of the most influential figures in modern music for the past 40-plus years, died on Sunday, Jan. 10 after a battle with cancer. He was 69. While previous rumors of his death in years past were greatly exaggerated, the news has been confirmed by Bowie’s representatives and his son Duncan Jones (via Twitter). The following statement appears on Bowie’s official Facebook page: “David Bowie died peacefully […]


Unraveling the KISS Rock Hall Of Fame Fiasco

*Sigh.* You have to wonder whether the folks over at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ever regret their choices, or if they ever get tired of the drama involved with dealing with rock and rollers who never grew up. Let’s see if we can get the story straight.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voted to induct 70s glam-rockers KISS this year—a decision many applauded in itself, […]

David Bowie Releases New Single, Announces First Album In a Decade

After all these years, David Bowie sure knows how to grab the attention of the public. Yesterday was the glam-rock icon’s 66th birthday, and he celebrated by giving all of us a present: a surprise release of a new single “Where Are We Now?,” along with an announcement to expect a full-length record release in March. The single and the album mark Bowie’s first release of new music in ten […]

The Darkness “Hot Cakes”—Album Review

From their very inception 12 years ago, The Darkness have been somewhat of a caricature, howbeit perhaps intentional. After all, when you start a glam-rock revival band at a time when the collective snickering over the genre has barely died out, you don’t expect it to be overly serious. And in fact, The Darkness’ initial rise to popularity rested on the fact that the band was more fun than serious, […]