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American Idiot

Green Day “Broadway Idiot” Documentary to Release This Fall

Let’s face it: punk-rock outfit Green Day have always seemed like the last band you’d expect to have a Broadway musical created after one of their records. (Almost as unlikely as Bono and The Edge doing a Spider-man musical—but I digress…) Nevertheless, the resulting stage adaptation of American Idiot went on to play over 400 shows on Broadway starting in 2010, garnering a Grammy, two Tonys and a Drama Desk […]


Music News Week In Review (Mar. 16 Edition)

Another week has come and gone, and there’s bound to be a few music news headlines you’ve missed. So for your Saturday morning, coffee-drinking, reading pleasure, here are a few stray news items to help bring you up to speed.   LIL WAYNE IS NEAR DEATH…WAIT. WHAT? To be sure, it’s no joking matter—the fact is, Lil Wayne had another seizure yesterday, and was hospitalized for it in Los Angeles. […]


Green Day: And Then There Were “¡Tré!”

Reprise Records (2012)

Closing out Green Day’s highly publicized trilogy (starting with ¡Uno! and ¡Dos!), the third album ¡Tré! was not scheduled for release until January, but for some reason (perhaps related to Billie Joe Armstrong’s recovery process) the band decided to just put it out there. Perhaps it’s just as well. While this third record aptly reflects the band’s journey historically, it’s also a bit anti-climatic. Where ¡Uno! took us back to […]


Green Day Builds On “¡Uno!” With “¡Dos!”

Reprise Records (2012)

With the release of ¡Dos!, the second album of Green Day’s three-part trilogy, there’s an inherent temptation/compulsion for writers and critics to tie it in with the band’s recent difficulties (namely, Billie Jo Armstrong’s onstage meltdown and current stint in rehab, followed up with the band postponing their tour). But now that I’ve made the obligatory mention of said difficulties, I’d like to talk about ¡Dos! apart from those issues, […]


Green Day”s “¡Uno!”—A Refocusing of Direction?

Reprise Records (2012)

As ¡Uno!, the first installment of Cali-punk band Green Day’s announced three-album trilogy, is now available to the public, the band itself is surrounded with unrelated publicity that seems almost poetic for a punk band. Over the weekend, during a performance at the iHeartMusic Festival, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong threw an onstage tantrum, smashing his guitar to bits in response to a one-minute teleprompter warning. The next day, the band […]


Green Day Makes a Memory at iHeartRadio Festival

Apparently, you don’t notify Billy Joe Armstrong of punk band Green Day via teleprompter that he has one minute left to play. As Billboard reports, Day One of the 2nd Annual iHeartRadio Music Festival came to a raucous close last night during Green Day’s closing set at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, when someone upstairs apparently made the ill-advised decision to post a one-minute warning on the teleprompter. After […]


Music News Week In Review: July 28 Edition

It’s time again: wipe that sleep from your eyes, grab that cup of coffee, and take a gander (did I just say “gander?) at the music news headlines you might have missed over the past week. Here we go:   BRIT MUSIC DOMINATES THE LONDON 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY (DUH) British film director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaires) was recently tasked with out-classing Beijing with the 4-hour-long opening ceremonies for […]


Music News Week in Review: July 14 Edition

WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND! …Sorry, perhaps I should have said that a bit more quietly on a Saturday morning. While you’re waiting for that morning coffee to kick in, here are some music news headlines from the past week that you might have missed, and which may or may not have any real relevance to your life, but which we think are interesting, just the same. Ready? Here goes…   […]