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Top 20 Dance/Electronica Albums of 2015 (#10-6)

Continuing our countdown of the best full-length dance/electronica releases of 2015 (20-16 is here, 15-11 here), let’s take a look at numbers 10-6. 10) Grimes – Art Angels From shrieking nu-metal to opera, Grimes’ fourth LP still contained plenty of bewildering moments. But overall, Art Angels was a more streamlined pop-focused affair which proved that the Canadian pixie girl could still be just as captivating when she toned down the […]

grimes art angels

Grimes ‘Art Angels’ – Album Review

4AD (2015)

Given that she took on the roles of multi-instrumentalist and producer to gain full creative control, you would probably have expected electro-pop pixie-girl Grimes to have out-weirded herself for her fourth studio effort, Art Angels. And yet, despite recent talk of being impossible to pigeonhole, the 27-year-old has largely dialed down the hyperactivity that made 2012’s Visions one of the most wonderfully warped pop records of the decade. Sure, Art […]

The Best Dance/Electronica Videos of 2012

Away from the completely unremarkable promos that usually dominate the MTV Video Music Awards, there were a plethora of inventive, visually stunning and clever music videos from the dance/electronica world that deserved recognition in 2012. Here’s a look at five of the best. Grimes – “Oblivion” Canadian pixie Grimes’ debut album, Visions, was a touch too shapeless to be anything other than a cult hit, but Emily Kai Bock’s hazy […]