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Why You Should Keep Your Eye on Haim [2013 in Review]

As we continue looking back at some of the more memorable MIMO articles from this past year, we came across this analysis piece written back in April by Tim Ferrar on LA-based sister act Haim. Earlier, David Tillman had included them on his 2013 Acts to Watch list, and it turns out they didn’t disappoint. Haim became one of the hottest acts on the festival circuit, followed up by a […]


HAIM Beats Justin Timberlake in UK Chart Battle

This news bodes quite well for a band that was virtually unknown a year ago. HAIM, the R&B/rock sister act who has made waves all summer long on the festival scene, released their debut album the same day as current R&B pop king Justin Timberlake released his followup to The 20/20 Experience—and outsold him in Britain. As NME and Billboard report, HAIM’s release Days Are Gone spent much of last […]

HAIM Days Are Gone

HAIM “Days Are Gone” –Album Review

Columbia (2013)

So the wait is finally over. The worldwide buzz generated over the past year by LA-based sister act HAIM, fueled by a slew of singles, festival appearances and tour dates with Mumford & Sons and Florence + The Machine, has finally been punctuated with an oft-talked-about, much-anticipated debut album, Days Are Gone. To be sure, HAIM have earned every bit of the acclaim they’ve received so far. Their feel-good blend […]


Check Out Haim’s New Single “The Wire”

It would seem that sister act Haim is giving Of Monsters And Men a run for their money for the title of “Most Famous Band Before Their Debut Album Is Even Released”—if such a title existed, that is. Already known across the globe due to heavy touring and a series of well-timed singles and EPs, this week Haim released yet another teaser single, “The Wire.” NME reports the band is […]


Why You Should Keep Your Eye on Haim

Perhaps not since the breakout of Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men has there been so much hype swirling around a band when their debut album has yet to be released. Even so, the sibling girl act known simply by their last name “Haim” has been dominating the blogosphere, showing up on a ridiculous number of bands-to-watch list (including ours), landing tour slots with the likes of Mumford & Sons and […]


Acts to Watch For in 2013 (Part 2)

In the previous post in this two-part series, we shone the spotlight on a number of up-and-coming or well-established acts who are poised to do even better in 2013 than in 2012. With this post, I’m going to go out on a limb and point out a few “dark horses”—independent or recently signed artists and bands who may still be relatively unknown but who have the potential for 2013 to […]