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How To Dress Well “What Is This Heart?” – Album Review

Domino (2014)

Arguably the hipster R&B scene’s most tortured soul, New Yorker Tom Krell, aka How To Dress Well, delivered one of the most heart-breaking albums of 2012 with Total Loss, a hypnotic series of eulogies which featured everything from a spoken word excerpt from a 1980s documentary about teenage homelessness to the sound of a body splashing into the sea. The solemn self-portrait which adorns the cover of his third album, […]


Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2012 – (15-11)

Continuing our countdown of the best offerings of electronic music for 2012, let’s pick it up at Number 15:   15) How To Dress Well – Total Loss Bodies splashing into the sea, eulogies to lost loved ones, tales of anguish and heartbreak, Brooklyn producer Tom Krell’s second effort under the guise of How To Dress Well wasn’t exactly the most gleeful record of the year. But amidst its overwhelming […]


How To Dress Well “Total Loss”: Album Review

Weird World (2012)

Written during a ‘very unhappy and confused period’ which saw him lose his best friend and uncle, deal with the break-up of a relationship and battle with depression, Brooklyn producer Tom Krell’s second album under the guise of How To Dress Well is understandably hardly a barrel of laughs. Indeed, the ghostly R&B of Total Loss is drenched in so much melancholy that it makes co-producer Rodaidh McDonald’s previous cohorts, […]