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iamamiwhoami BLUE

iamamiwhoami ‘BLUE’ – Album Review

WAVE (2014)

Beyoncé might have had the element of surprise, but long before Mrs Carter’s audiovisual experience gate-crashed the charts last year, a more enigmatic and tongue-twisting Swedish duo, iamamiwhoami, had already experimented with the format on two separate occasions. Of course, BLUE may initially attract attention for the array of striking National Geographic-style videos which perfectly complement its aquatic theme. But as with 2012’s kin and 2013’s Bounty, the pair’s latest […]

iamamiwhoami: “kin”–Album Review

Co-Operative Music (2012)

Nearly three years ago, the blogosphere was whipped up into a near frenzy after a series of cryptic videos featuring various numerical codes, images related to the folklore of the mandragora and a mysterious obscured blonde woman were anonymously sent to a number of music journalists. Lady Gaga, Bjork and even Christina Aguilera were just some of the high-profile names that were bandied about by wannabe sleuths, so it was […]