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First aid Kit cedar lane

Check Out First Aid Kit’s New Video “Cedar Lane”

Sweden has definitely proven herself a leader in the electro-pop market these days, but Americana?  That’s for, you know, Americans.  Right? Think again. Johanna and Klara Söderberg, the Swedish siblings performing under the moniker First Aid Kit, have spent the last few years building a reputation for giving the American Americana artists (say that five times fast) a run for their money, proving that when the passion is there, “foreigners” […]

Take Charge

The DIY Music Scene: A Blessing and a Curse?

The following is an excerpt from the e-book Take Charge Of Your Music Career: Learning To Think Like a Music Entrepreneur. I wrote this e-book a few months back for the purpose of helping DIY musicians think differently about the changing music market and finding their place within it.  What follows below is the first chapter of the book.  If you’d like to read more, the entire e-book is currently […]

St. Vincent self-titled

Stream St. Vincent’s Self-Titled Album a Week Early

The time is finally here.  Avant-garde pop songstress Annie Clark (nee, St. Vincent) has been teasing us for months with a systematic release of singles (including “Birth In Reverse,” and “Prince Johnny”)—and now, a week before the actual release of the record, fans can stream the entire album online via NPR First Listen. The biggest problem with experimental artists is that they have a tendency to get so far “out […]

Priscilla Ahn

The MIMO Interview: Priscilla Ahn

Since her early days playing open mics around New York City clubs in the mid-2000s, singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn has become something of a staple in the indie music scene. Her warm, folksy style has landed her tour slots with the likes of Joshua Radin, Ray LaMontagne, DeVotchKa and even Willie Nelson, and her songs have become regular fare on prime-time shows like Grey’s Anatomy and motion pictures like My Sister’s […]

Dum Dum Girls Too True

Dum Dum Girls “Too True” –Album Review

Sub Pop (2014)

From the beginning of their career, Dum Dum Girls have been running something of a risk by leaning so heavily on the past for their sound—a goth-infused, reverby noise-rock influenced by the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Stone Roses and The Cure. It’s a retro sound more at home in the 60s than in the twenty-teens.  And yet, Dee Dee Penny and company have somehow owned this sound […]

Lucy Schwartz Timekeeper

The MIMO Interview: Lucy Schwartz [2013 in Review]

Continuing to review some of the more memorable pieces from MIMO in 2013…we came across this interview Jeff McQ did with Lucy Scwhartz back in August.  She’s had a lot of opportunities as an indie artist to get her music heard, some of which have come from growing up near the entertainment industry; but as you’ll see in the interview, a lot of opportunities have also come her way from […]

Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires of the City

The Top Five Indie/Alternative Albums of 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the artists who have released stellar work over the past year. I don’t mind telling you I had a hard time whittling this list down to five—this was simply an amazing year for the indie scene. To help make up for it, I’ve added a couple of honorable mentions at the end. Here are my picks […]

The Yellow Dogs

Yellow Dogs, Free Keys Release Statement Concerning Murder-Suicide

Gunman killed three bandmates in Brooklyn Tuesday, then himself

In the aftermath following the brutal murder on Tuesday morning of two members of Brooklyn-via-Tehran indie rock act the Yellow Dogs, along with a friend and collaborator—followed by the suicide of the gunman himself—the music community has both struggled to understand what happened, and to learn more about the bands affected by the tragedy. The three murder victims were brothers Saroush and Arash Farazmand of the Yellow Dogs, and 35-year-old […]

The Yellow Dogs

Gunman Kills Three Band Mates in Brooklyn, then Self

In an act of violence that has rocked the indie music community, a gunman shot and killed three members of Brooklyn-based post-punk band The Yellow Dogs in a three-story building in East Williamsburg early Monday morning before turning the gun on himself. Details of the act have remained sketchy, but here is what the Wall Street Journal is reporting: the victims were brothers Saroush and Arash Farazmand (27 and 28, […]


The MIMO Interview: Meet SHEL

The “family band” concept is one that can be either very cheesy or very chic. For sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza Holbrook—collectively called SHEL, an acronym derived from their first names—thankfully, it’s the latter. In fact, given their diverse personalities and sense of style, their dynamic, fun live performances, and their homemade top hats, these siblings from Ft. Collins, Colorado are bringing their own cool vibe to the Americana […]

Deer Tick Negativity

Deer Tick “Negativity”—Album Review

Partisan Records (2013)

Arguably, Deer Tick could easily be considered alt-country’s answer to early Guns N’ Roses—not in terms of music, but in terms of attitude. For years, the band’s raucous, party-till-you-can’t-stand-up persona has entertained fans almost as much as the liquor-soaked music they’ve played. So it seems just a little bit ironic that their fifth release Negativity, while maintaining the façade of drunken country-punk, is actually their most sober and focused work […]

Over the Rhine Meet Me

Over the Rhine Hit the Mark with “Meet Me At the Edge Of the World”

Great Speckled Dog Records (2013)

There’s a reason why husband-wife indie duo Over the Rhine have developed such a loyal cult following over nearly two decade: they keep putting out amazing music, and they keep putting a fresh spin on things. So it’s no surprise that the arrival of their latest, Meet Me At the Edge Of the World, was met with such eager anticipation—and I can tell you the double album is worth every […]

Christina Grimmie With Love

The MIMO Interview: Christina Grimmie

In many ways, 19-year-old pop singer/songwriter Christina Grimmie is a picture of indie artist success. Although unsigned, she’s released an EP and a full-length album, gained a global following, toured with her mentor Selena Gomez, and even won an American Music Award as a “New Media Honoree,” (an honor also awarded to hip-pop duo Karmin and rapper DeStorm Power)–all largely through building and maintaining a strong fan base through social […]

Lucy Schwartz Timekeeper

The MIMO Interview: Lucy Schwartz Talks about “Timekeeper”

For being a young indie artist, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lucy Schwartz has certainly made the rounds. At age 23, she’s already had dozens of song placements in film and television (most recently her song “Boomerang” on the Season 4 finale of Arrested Development, now available on Netflix). She’s also co-written with the likes of Landon Pigg and Aqualung, toured with Lilith Fair, and even covered a Carpenters song on the […]

Jayme Dee

Singles You Shouldn’t Miss (August Edition)

It might have been a slow summer for national releases, but the indie music scene has been as solid as ever. Here are a few great singles that have come onto my personal radar this month. By pure coincidence, all of this month’s featured artists happen to be from LA. I think you’ll enjoy these!   KITTEN “LIKE A STRANGER” Kitten frontwoman Chloe Chaidez seems like such a veteran when […]

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