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Apple Releases iOS7, and More Importantly, iTunes Radio

We are soon to discover whether all the speculation and apprehension over the summer was worth sweating over. Yesterday, Apple officially released its new iOS7 platform for its iPhone and iPad product lines—and integrated with it, the long-awaited and oft-talked-about iTunes Radio. Declaring itself (perhaps a bit presumptuously) to be “radio re-imagined” on the Apple website, iTunes Radio is designed to compete directly with existing streaming services like Spotify and […]


Apple Unveils iTunes Radio: What It Means for Streaming Services

It’s already been an exciting and busy week for technology giant Apple. After lots of buzz and speculation, at this week’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company unveiled new upcoming versions of their operating systems both for desktops and operating devices, as well as a long-overdue new generation of their Mac Pro line, all coming this fall. But perhaps the most significant unveiling where the music industry is concerned […]