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First Look At Annie Remake

The much beloved comic strip turned musical turned film known as Annie is being remade with an all star cast. Cameron Diaz, Jaimie Fox, Quvenzhané Wallis, and Rose Byrne are all part of the cast that is breathing fresh life into the story. In the above video, we get the first moving images of the cast, in their costumes, performing song. It’s always difficult to judge a film by these paparazzi […]


Look At Cameron Diaz As Miss Hannigan

Word on the street is that the new version of Annie is going to be considerably different from the previous ones. Most notably the iconic 1980’s version. The currently filming version, staring Quvenzhané Wallis, Jaimie Fox, and Rose Burn. Director Will Gluck appears to be taking a very different road than people were perviously thinking he would. I’m all for it. This new version looks like just what the doctor ordered […]


Amazing Spider-man Stills

The Spider-man reboot is chugging along. As such, Sony has released some new stills from the film. While I find it highly unlikely that the film will be able to match Sam Raimi’s Spider-man 2, I’m hopefully that we’ll get a half way decent film this time. Amazing Spider-man  was such a cobbled together nightmare of a film. The news that Sony and Marc Webb have two more Spider-man films […]